Screw Perfection

What is perfection?  What does it meant to be perfect? To look perfect?
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Perfection is in the eye of the beholder.  What's good for one person is not for the other.  

When we realize that perfection is subjective, then it really puts all the messages with which we are bombarded into perspective.  So many of us have let companies, the media, culture, etc. decide for us what it means to be and look "perfect." 
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I struggled most of my life with insecurities - many of them related to my body and appearance, but also related to my social class and other factors.

I've largely overcome most of these issues with a lot of self-work and the increased knowledge that comes with growing older (Wisdom is a good thing, people - respect your elders!)
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But... I still have those nagging insecurities that creep about when I least expect or desire them.  I'm still working through my anxiety over my belly, but I know that each day is a process, and I know to remind myself that while my body isn't where it could be health-wise or appearance-wise, it is still my body.  It is beautiful and strong for all the amazing things it does.

I remind myself that beauty and "perfection" mean different things to different people  My excess belly fat, which I so often bemoan, is viewed as perfect to others.  My fiance loves my soft belly, and my daughter tells me that I'm "so comfy." 

Flats:  Target
I tend to be a perfectionist.  I don't like criticism.  I hate doing a poor job at something.  I strive to always do my best at the things that matter to me.

I don't like admitting my faults (is there someone out there who finds this easy??), but I have found that striving to have an appearance of perfection makes you fake to others...because you are being fake.  Trying to put on an air of perfection to hide our flaws and protect our delicate egos keeps people at bay.  It keeps people from seeing the real you.  The real you is wonderful - not in spite of your flaws, but because of them!

So, on those days when you're feeling not feeling so great, remember to tell yourself, "Screw Perfection!" The notion of perfection is both overrated and meaningless.
Do you consider yourself a perfectionist?

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  1. Your bracelet is soooo cool, I can't get over it!

  2. Gorgeous! That's all I see when I see you. Hugz and beat down those negative feelings in your mind.
    Pssstt.. It's NOT true ;)

  3. Thank you, and you're welcome! I like the batik prints too!!

  4. Thanks so much MizLiz!! I have mostly let those negative feelings go, but I still have those moments. Mostly, I'm releasing the need to feel/be perfect. It's a recipe for disappointment and disaster to focus on an ideal that doesn't exist.

  5. Thanks so much! I love jewelry! It always fits, so I buy a lot more of it than clothes (and we know I buy too many clothes!)


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