Black Pants for Work: Subtle Details

I work in a conservative business casual office setting.  It can be hard to stay true to my personal style while still keeping my outfits work-appropriate.  I feel like I spend most of my waking hours in office clothes, so it's a constant challenge to me to find a way around the restrictiveness of work dress codes.  I try to find ways of keeping my office looks interesting with fun details and subtle design.  

Today, I'm starting a series on a wardrobe workhouse for many of us - black pants.
Pants:  New York & Company Petites (Similar here)
Blouse:  The Limited (Available here)
Black pants are my go-to work staple.  I practically live in them, and a week doesn't go by in the winter where I'm don't wear black pants at least once or twice.  I think I like them because they seem less stodgy than tan or grey might.  Black pants can get a little boring though, so I am always looking for ways to keep them interesting with details like the satin tuxedo stripe on these trousers.
Blazer:  The Limited (Similar here)
Clutch:  The Limited (Similar here)
Boots:  Target (Available here)

The ivory blazer has a subtle herringbone design that complements the floral pattern on this satin bow blouse.

Floral is not usually the first pattern for which I reach, but I loved this blouse at first sight. The floral pattern has a slight Asian influence, and the color combination of orange, black, tan, and ivory is lovely.

Bracelets:  World Market, Express
Earrings:  The Limited
Do you have a work dress code?  Do you ever get bored with your work clothes?  How important are black pants in your wardrobe?

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Denim Week 2: Don't Be a Crybaby!

I finish out Denim Week 2 with another casual denim look.
T-shirt:  Torrid (Available here)
Jeans:  Torrid (Available here)
So far, I've only worn this sweater in work and evening looks, but the causal laid-back vibe of this cozy cardigan makes it perfect for weekend wear as well.

I fell in love with this tee at first sight as I grew up watching John Waters films and "Cry Baby" was one of my favorites. 

Sweater:  Target
Boots:  Fergalicious by Fergie (Available here)
Bracelets:  The Limited; Target
I apologize for the wrinkles in my shirt. I was playing dress-up this weekend and didn't notice them until after taking photos.  :-)

Also, after seeing the black jeans and tee in natural lighting, I realized the blacks were more off quite a bit.  I would wear this look again with my blue jeans instead.  I'm not super insistent that my blacks match, but this combination is a little more off than I'd like.
Earrings:  The Limited
Clutch:  The Limited (Available here)
Do you insist on matching blacks?  Are you a fan of John Waters movies? 

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Denim Week 2: Longing for Summer

Today's denim outfit was a look from last summer.   I never got around to posting it when the weather was warm, so I decided to post it now.
Jeans:  The Limited (Available here)
Top:  Ann Taylor Petites
Cardigan:  LOFT Petites (Similar here)

White jeans can definitely work for winter.  Gone are the days when white was reserved only for spring and summer.  This outfit could easily be winterized with a pair of black ankle or knee boots.

The fringe top is fun, and the black and white color palette is always a favorite of mine.
Purse:  The Limited
Sandals:  Payless
Earrings:  Target
Cuff:  The Limited (old)
Would you wear white jeans in the winter time?

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Denim Week 2: Tie-Dye and Fringe

Denim Week 2 continues today with a fun evening outfit.
Fringe top:  Wet Seal (Available here)
Jeans:  Torrid (Similar here)
This fringe shirt is completely sheer so I debated what to wear underneath it.  I opted for a beige camisole to show off the burnout print of the tank while still providing some coverage.
Jacket:  LOFT Petites (Available here)
Heels:  Target (Similar here)
Necklace:  The Limited (Available here)
These jeans are a favorite of mine, but I find them hard to wear at times.  The black print top and pink heels work here because they add more visual interest, but they don't overpower or compete too heavily with the jeans.
Earrings:  Express (Available in hematite here)
Clutch:  The Limited
Would you wear tie-dye jeans?

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Denim Week 2: Moto-Mouth

I've been wanting a flannel for the last two years, but I couldn't find one that properly fit my bust without leaving the dreaded gaps.  

Finally, I found this plaid top from Wet Seal.  The fit in the bust is good (not perfect), and I love the color mix of burgundy with a hint of teal.
Shirt:  Wet Seal (Available here)
Jacket:  Gap (Similar here)
Pants:  New York & Company
I became a fan of the company Wet Seal after seeing the amazing way that they lived up to their diversity statement and welcomed the awesome Karrie Brown from my hometown into their family.  I wanted to support the company, but I found the styles too "juniors" for my lifestyle and personal taste.  I decided to give their web site another look recently, and I was pleasantly surprised to find several pieces that I loved.
Purse:  Target (Available here)
Bracelets:  New York & Company (Similar here) & Express
I wore a ton of flannel plaids during my high school grunge phase, but I hadn't worn one since.  Today, I'm not quite as into the grunge look, but I think a flannel plaid button-down is a great casual addition to my wardrobe.

The family and I were running around last weekend. It was unseasonably warm, so I was able to skip a coat.  I paired my comfy pants with easy booties and my denim moto jacket.  
Boots:  Payless (old)
Would you wear a denim moto jacket?  Are you a fan of flannel plaids?

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Denim Week 2: Weekend Edge

Hi everyone!  Today marks the start of Denim Week 2!  If you missed my first Denim Week, you can check out the looks here, here, and here.

This denim look was a recent weekend outfit.  I wore it out for a casual dinner with the family. 
Jeans:  The Limited (Similar here)
Jacket:  The Limited (old)
I haven't featured a flats look as of late, and I decided it was time to give my poor abused feet some rest.  The studded flats add a little edge to the outfit, and I've always been of a fan of black and grey mixed with red.
Tote:  The Limited (old)
Flats:  Target (Similar here)
Blouse:  The Limited (old)
For the longest time, I didn't like grey jeans - I saw them as faded black jeans, and they reminded me of old outdated jeans from childhood.  Over the last year or so, they started to grow on me to the point that I decided to try a pair.  Guess what?  I love them!
Ring:  The Limited
Do you like grey jeans?

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Seafoam and Red

Happy Saturday!!  Hope you're all staying warm through this harsh winter!
Pants:  The Limited (Sold out on-line)
Blouse:  Target (Available here)
All this winter weather has made me long for spring more than ever, and today's look features one of my favorite spring colors - seafoam!  The floaty chiffon of this blouse also lends a spring vibe while the blazer adds structure that keeps the look work-ready.
Clutch:  Vintage

Blazer:  The Limited (Similar here)

Red and seafoam is one of my favorite color combinations, so I added a red clutch and bangle to add another fun pop of color.

The color blocked pants and black blazer ground all the color and keep the outfit winter ready.

Heels:  Target (Available here)
Bangle:  The Limited (old)
Are you a fan of seafoam and red as a color combination?

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Fashion Favorites: Black Blazers, 20 Ways!

I finish out my series on fashion favorites with the absolute favorite part of my wardrobe - my collection of black blazers.  They are such a staple and work with just about everything.

While I love all of my black blazers, my classic suit jacket and my cropped tuxedo blazer get the most rotation.

I mostly wear the cropped jacket with skirts and dresses as the proportion is a perfect topper for dressier looks.  The faux leather lapel adds a cool modern detail, and the cropped shape works very well on petite frames.

With Black Skirts:
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With a peplum top:
Adventures in Traveling:  NYC
With a tulle skirt:
Ballerina Fantasies
With pretty black and white dresses:
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With lingerie-inspired details:
Fall 2013 Fashion Trends:  Lingerie-Inspired Clothing
A classic black blazer is only slightly more versatile.  I've worn this blazer with everything from black trousers (as an actual suit) to animal prints to jeans.

As a suit:

Suited Up
With fun black pants and neon prints:
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With dresses and animal prints:
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With colored pants:
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With graphic black and white prints and neon pink pumps:
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With lots of color:
Brocade and Lollipop Red
With jeans:
Eyelet and Denim
Are you a fan of black blazers?  Share a look with your favorite black blazer on Facebook!


Fashion Favorites: 4 Prints, 13 Ways

Prints add fun and interest to neutrals and other solids.  Mixed prints can be tricky to pull off, but when done well, mixed prints make for a unique look.

Here's a look back at some of the ways I've worn my favorite printed pieces.

Printed Skirt:
A is for A-line
Hello Yellow
Skirt Week:  Lady In Waiting
Floral Blazer:
Stripes Week:  Print-Tastic
Flower Child
Leopard Sweatshirt:
Skirt Week:  Grrrrrrl Power
Fall 2013 Fashion Trends:  The Luxe Sweatshirt
Go Bold, Go Casual

Foulard Blazer:
Crying Foulard
Foulard Me Once
Foulard Me Once
Pajama Party
Foulard and Gold Details
Are you a fan of prints?  Do you prefer wearing prints with solids or other prints?