Smart Glamour and Body Positivity

Today, I'm excited to introduce you to a company that is doing some very amazing things. 
Alexa Low-High Tank - customized with sleeves:  c/o Smart Glamour (Available here)
Smart Glamour, owned by designer Mallorie Carrington, offers affordable made-to-order women's fashion. 

I was very excited when Mallorie reached out to me about doing a collaboration with her company.  As I've learned more information about Smart Glamour, I find my respect and admiration for everything she is doing continues to increase.

Skirt:  The Limited
Booties:  Target (Available here)
One of the things I really love about Smart Glamour is that you will always know where your clothes come from!  All of Mallorie's designs are handmade by her in Queens, NY.  Her turnaround time is 5-7 business days (which is amazing for made-to-order pieces!), and she purchases her fabrics in Manhattan. 

As her company grows, Mallorie plans to first hire NY freelancers to help and then eventually head to production houses to manufacture. She attests that her manufacturing will always be done in USA-based production houses that she can visit personally to ensure that workers are treated fairly.

Earrings:  Torrid (Available here)
Bracelets:  New York & Company
In addition to ensuring fair labor practices, Mallorie hopes to promote body confidence through her work. 

Smart Glamour offers custom sizing and other customizations to ensure a good fit and all the details that will make you feel your best (lower or raise a hemline, add or remove sleeves depending on preference).

Besides ensuring that her clothes fit women of every size at a very reasonable price, Mallorie has started a campaign to encourage women to know their measurements.  She emphasizes that our measurements are just numbers and that knowing them puts US in control of our bodies and our clothing purchases.  She started a social media campaign for women to share their measurements, using the hashtag, #measuremebeautiful.

Skirt:  Target
I find this campaign to be such an amazing and empowering idea. So many women don't know their own measurements, are scared to take their own measurements, and even more afraid about sharing those measurements with the world.  The #measuremebeautiful campaign helps us see so many different body types and to get a better understanding of body size/shape and the measurements that may go with that.
Rings:  Torrid, eloquii (Available here, and here)
So many of us don't really understand what other women's bodies look like without airbrushing, and we certainly haven't been shown other women's measurements.  I grew up with the notion that to be "perfect," I needed measurements of 34"-24"-34" because that is the ideal that many of us have been taught.

I have NEVER had these proportions.  At my thinnest...when I was wearing a size 0...when girls' clothing was too big for my waist, my waist was bigger than this, my hips smaller.

This set of measurements is just that - a set of numbers, no more or less beautiful than any other set because they're JUST NUMBERS, after all!

Necklace:  Ixora Boutique
As I have talked about on the blog before, women's clothing sizes are extremely inconsistent.  Knowing your measurements is a useful tool in shopping for new clothes, but it also helps do away with some of that anxiety that often comes with having to choose a bigger size with a particular brand or store.

In addition to promoting body confidence, Mallorie also works to reduce conflict and negativity between women that so often comes with the competition over appearance (and the attention and social success that comes with it).  She is off to an amazing start with her company and this campaign.  The idea of women sharing their measurements, putting themselves out there, choosing not to compete with other women (or themselves) is PARADIGM-SHIFTING.

Shoes:  Target
I admit...I struggled with the thought of sharing my measurements.  I know I'm overweight...you read my blog - you know I'm overweight.  There's no secret I'm hiding, but for some reason it's been more difficult to share my clothing size or my measurements. 

It wasn't until just recently I started sharing my clothing size with people outside of a few close acquaintances.  That ideal of "perfection" that I constantly fight has for too long reared its ugly head and forced me to put up a front.

But why hide my clothing size?  It's just a number, an inconsistent one at that!  So, I've started doing it!  The earth didn't stop rotating.  The ground didn't open up and swallow me hole.  In fact, no one has even batted an eyelash or made a disparaging remark. 

So, with that thought, why not share my measurements too?  They're just numbers - numbers that represent a few of my body's proportions.  They don't define me any more than your measurements define you.

I encourage you to take your own measurements if you don't already know them.  If you're so inclined, share them and join the SmartGlamour campaign!

Do you know your own measurements?  Would you buy custom-made clothing?

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Disclaimer:  This top was provided in exchange for reviewing the product.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Hot off-shoulder top, lovely pencil skirt, and polarizing pumps with that neon yellow color. Quite inspiring of what this group is doing in regards to making this custom-made clothing. I'd certainly approve and be happy if I were a female.


  2. This is amazing, Cassie! As open and proud and I try to be about my body and how I decorate it, I get nervous about measurements sometimes, too. Clothing sizes change so much brand-to-brand. You can always blame a sizes for running large or small, but you can't debate actual measurements. It can be scary. I think it's so important for women to be open and positive about this kind of sharing and for brands to take notice!

  3. Every woman's likes and needs are different, and that is what I really love about custom-made clothing. It's a kind of clothing which understands who you are, and what your needs are as well. Some times, a little more expense and waiting worths it if you feel comfortable on it, and it's made only for you! I can perfectly understand the measures thing... I'm a slim girl, but I have my hips, and some times the petite sizes just don't fit there!

    I think you did well partnering with SmartGlamour, good luck to both of you! :)
    See ya!


  4. Awesome outfit! I put my measurements out there all the time - I think it's very empowering! I also just got my custom eshakti jacket! love it! I get custom clothes all the time! from etsy, LRose Designs, Painted Lady Clothiers, and now eshakti.

  5. Way to go, Cassie! I'm proud of you for sharing your measurements. You're right that reclaiming those numbers gives a sense of power. I was recently discussing clothes shopping with some female colleagues and managed to mention in an offhand way how tricky it is to find clothes at this size (where most "straight size" stores only go up to 12 and "plus size" retailers seem to start at a roomy 16). The three women I was talking to are all significantly thinner than I am, and in the past I would not have made such an obviously "differing" remark about my own size around them. But you know what? I did, and like you said the world did not stop turning. In fact I am starting to get a reputation as the stylish one at work, which is how we ended up on the topic to begin with. More evidence that these numbers do not need to limit us! And by the way, one of the things that has me obsessing over your blog lately is that we have almost the exact same measurements: 44-36-43, and 5'2"!

  6. What a fabulous post on so many levels! Custom made clothing made in the USA, you looking fabulous as usual, and sharing your measurements and encouraging us to know our own. Go girl!

  7. What a great post, I need to read up more on the brand Smart Glamour because I like the body positive vibe from the company. I know I only recently started to know my measurements because I started to buy some clothes online and I needed to see if the clothes would fit or not. I think it's a great idea for custom made clothing because every body is different. I know my friend works for a start up company that creates custom suits for men because they know all bodies are different. So I think companies that offer custom made clothing is great and the fact that it's reasonably priced is great too. Thanks for sharing about the company, and your top is really cute too! :)


  8. Thanks so much, Michelle! I really agree with you, which is why I decided to go for it!!

  9. Thanks so much, Amanda!! I love custom clothing...I have a very difficult to fit body type, so when I can get custom fit, I go for it!

  10. Thanks so much, Leilani! It is empowering...I'm glad I decided to share, and I hope others find it inspiring!
    Thanks for the other brands...I'm always looking for custom clothing, so I appreciate learning about these other brands.

  11. Thanks so much Ashley!! I have been in some of those same types of conversations, and I think it's important to have these conversations with other women, bigger or smaller. It's always interesting to me when I find women who think I'm larger or smaller than I actually am. Ah, love that we share similar measurements, and thanks for sharing!!

  12. Thanks so much, Allie!! Since I have started ordering custom clothing from a few different places, I have found that knowing my measurements has been so helpful in picking out non-custom pieces too!

  13. Thanks Nina! Knowing your measurements definitely helps with buying on-line! I wish I could find a place that creates custom suit jackets for women...that is nearly impossible!! :-)


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