Floral & Stripes

I'm not always the most subtle person in life.  Maybe that's why I love subtlety in my wardrobe!
Skirt:  Ann Taylor (Available here)
Today, I play around with pattern mixing in the subtlest of ways.  This floral blouse already has stripes within the floral pattern, but I thought it would be fun to wear a skirt that has striped pintucking detail for an additional pattern mix.
Top:  The Limited (Available here)
Sandals:  Payless (old)
Little touches like this help make your look feel more thought out and give your outfit more interest.
Jacket:  Forever 21+
Accessories help you make the look truly feel like your own.
Earrings:  Express (old)
Ring:  The Limited
Bracelet:  Ann Taylor (Available here)
Purse:  The Limited
When I first wore this skirt, it was below the knee as you see here.

The skirt was sold out in my size in petites, so I decided to go with a regular length.

At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to keep the length as is.  Midi skirts are on-trend, and it's fun to play around with different shapes. 

After thinking it through, I decided that I would prefer the skirt at a length right above the knees. 

I'm getting it altered, but in the meantime, I'm featuring the look as worn the first go-around!

Hope you're enjoying my series on black and white fashion.  Check out my earlier posts here and here.

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  1. Looove this outfit! The jacket is gorgeous and I love all the complementing clean lines! The shoes reinforce that and just finish off the look perfectly. :)

  2. I like the mix of patterns. I do that a lot. Please don't hate me for saying so, but that look is too old for you. I think it's the skirt. Maybe shorter it will look better. Not sure. I would prefer a nice pair of tailored black pants with that. Would look something like a tux. I'll hold any further judgment until I see it shorter. I hate to see a young girl looking older. And, yes, I know how old you are, youngun! :)

  3. I don't hate you for saying so...I actually kind of agree - I think it's the combination of the skirt length and current hair style. I think shortening the hem will make it look more age appropriate, and I'm trying to decide on a new do! I like edgy, but I can't really do a lot of edge for my corporate job. So, I need something in between where it is now and what I would do if I worked somewhere more low-key. :-)

  4. I think this is the ultimate fall/end of summer look. Dark colors with the lighter elements. I would buy all of the things you're wearing and copy you if I could.
    In terms of balance, I like the idea of having something that feels cohesive on. A standout dress with simpler jewelry and shoes or a pair of jeans with nicer shoes and statement jacket. I think balance is important and helps me feel put together.

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