Balancing Act

I've talked on the blog several times before about how I love to maintain a balance with my fashion.  While I will occasionally go all in one direction, I generally prefer a look that has a balance between hard and soft, dark and light, masculine and feminine, edgy and romantic.

I referred to it as the
yin and yang of dressing in a previous post.
Jacket:  eloquii
I've become acutely aware over the years of just how balanced everything must be in order to thrive.  Stability is created by a state of equilibrium, and it's within this state that everything functions best.  Fluctuations and periods of chaos help make important changes, but ultimately, every living thing requires balance.
Booties:  Payless (Sold out on-line; may be available in stores)
Nature prefers a state of balance.  Our bodies prefer a state of balance.  Societies prefer a state of balance. 

Maintaining that equilibrium means that there has to be a balance between negative and positive forces. 

As I try to teach my children, you can't have freedom without responsibility.  You have to know pain to feel joy, and you have to balance emotion with reason. 

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If everything around us, including ourselves, functions best when balanced, then it makes sense to me that fashion would work the same way!

Sure, it's fun to be chaotic with fashion too, but for every day, a look that feels proportioned and balanced is the way to go, in my opinion.

Blouse:  The Limited
Purse:  The Limited
Here, I included several balancing elements.  The color scheme of black and white balances the light and dark.  The soft and romantic feel of the chiffon blouse is balanced with the heavier and edgier tweed and faux leather jacket.  The heart pendant is sweet but made of black metal, providing its own intrinsic balance.
Necklace:  Claire's (old) - ribbons added
Lastly, I wore this outfit to work on a recent unseasonably chilly day.  It was weather appropriate, but the jacket didn't necessarily feel season-appropriate.  Pairing it with the lightweight blouse in a soft color and cutout booties helped strike the right balance between the summer season and the fall-like weather.

Do you think about balance in an outfit?

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