12 Days of Holiday: New Year's Cocktail

Sometimes New Year's Eve calls for more formal attire. 
Dress:  Eva Mendes for New York & Company (Available here)
Sparkly dresses are great, but I love black dresses for the clean slate they provide.  This one-shoulder dress is different for me, but I was attracted to it as I think it can be worn in a variety of ways.  

To create a cocktail look, I added a few sparkly sunburst brooches and metallic belt.  I mixed gold and silver here with a pop of rhinestones to add more formality.  
Heels:  Simply Vera by Vera Wang
Clutch:  New York & Company (Available in black here)

The brooch on the shoulder actually came with the dress (it's removable), and I added the other brooch to my belt to create more visual interest.  I have been looking for some pretty brooches for a while, so I was excited to find these as part of Eva Mendes' collaboration with New York & Company.
Earrings:  Torrid
Brooch:  Eva Mendes by New York & Company (Available here)
Belt:  Torrid
This dress is too long, and I haven't had a chance to alter it yet.  I used the belt to create an asymmetrical look that added a bit of drape as well.

After some consideration, we plan on staying in with the kids for New Year's, so my look will be decidedly more casual than cocktail attire, but it's fun to play around with sparkly champagne looks!  :-)

Ring:  The Limited (Available here)
Hope you all have a safe and healthy New Year's Eve!!!  My last holiday post up soon!


12 Days of Holiday: Winter Floral

I'm addicted to black, especially for evenings, but it's fun to break out of the black rut every now and then.  This possibility for New Year's Eve includes more colorful pieces inspired by the winter season.
Jeans:  The Limited (Available here)
Blouse:  LOFT (old)
Blazer:  LOFT Petites (Available here)
The plum jacket complements the purples and burgundy in the blouse, and the ruby red and emerald green colors always make me think of winter!
Clutch:  Vintage
Heels:  Target (old) (Similar here)
The jeans keep the look casual and easy, but the silky top and cocktail ring strike an evening balance.
Earrings:  The Limited (Similar here)
Ring:  The Limited (old)
Would you wear jeans for New Year's Eve?

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12 Days of Holiday: Solid Gold

I hope you all have having a wonderful holiday season! 

Yesterday marked the start of Kwanzaa, and New Year's Eve is just around the corner.  I'm not a particularly religious person, but I love the themes of birth/re-birth, community, family, and giving that the winter holidays celebrate. 

A new year, in particular, is a time for reflection on the blessings and challenges of the past year.  A new year gives rise to the possibilities of change, renewal, and revitalization.  It's a time to celebrate the past, present, and the future.

No matter what I do for the evening, New Year's Eve is one of my favorite times.  With this special night just around the corner, I'm thinking of party fashion!

Dress:  The Limited (old)
Jacket:  The Limited
I'm still not sure what my New Year's plans will be.  For the last several years, New Year's Eve has consisted of music, snacks, sparkling grape juice, and board games with the kiddos as we counted down to the new year with the Times Square Ball drop on TV. 

This year, we are toying with the option of a New Year's Eve date night, so I'm having fun considering my wardrobe options.

Shoes:  Payless (old)
Clutch:  The Limited
Belt:  The Limited
This look has a slight 70s disco feel.  It's super comfortable and would be perfect for a drinks and dancing with the man. 

Tights could certainly be added for extra warmth.  Truth be told, I was freezing during these pictures, so if I were to wear this outfit, I'd be adding some fun printed tights.

Earrings:  The Limited
Do you celebrate New Year's Eve?  What are your plans for this year?  Know what you're wearing?

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, a wonderful Pancha Ganapati, a joyous Yule, a fantastic holiday season...here's to making 2014 our best ever year!!!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Source:  Fanpop.com
To those who celebrate, I'd like to wish you all a very merry Christmas!  I hope your day was filled with love, laughter, and family. 

For those of you who don't celebrate, happy holidays or happy Hump Day!! 

I've had a wonderful day, and I've used the last few days off work to set a web re-design into motion.  I hope to have a new site design live around the beginning of the year!  New year - new look! :-D

Back tomorrow with more NewYear's Eve fashion ideas!


12 Days of Holiday: Gilded Brocade

Hope you all have been having a fabulous weekend!

Today's look is what I wore to my office holiday party this past Friday.
Pants:  LOFT Petites (Available here)
I love these brocade pants.  They have a subtle shine without being too ostentatious, and I'm having fun imagining ways to dress them down for everyday work wear.

For the party, I decided to dress these fancy pants up with a velvet blazer, heels, and a scarf tied into a big floppy bow tie.

Blazer:  New York & Company (Available here)
Blouse:  Old Navy (old)
Scarf:  LOFT (Available here)
I had an image in my head of this outfit, and this is an instance where I used tailoring to get a look that was close to my vision.

When I first tried these straight leg pants, I looked like all thigh.  They were very unflattering, and I was sure that I was going to have to keep searching to get the look I wanted.  

Heels:  Target (Available here)
Clutch:  Jason Wu for Target (Available on ebay here)

Bracelets, right hand:  Torrid and The Limited (Available here and here)

After having the pants pinned to a slimmer fit, I realized that they would work.  Tapering pants legs is a relatively simple and inexpensive alteration, and since these are special pants not easily found everywhere, I found tailoring to be worth the cost.  The legs were tapered to create more of a skinny fit, and I got the look for which I was hoping after all!
Bracelet, left hand:  Vintage (Similar here)
Earrings:  Torrid (Similar here)
What would you wear to an office holiday party?


12 Days of Holiday: New Year's Eve Sparkle

I'm not sure what I'll be wearing for New Year's Eve yet, but this is one outfit idea.
Skirt:  Forever 21+ (Similar here)
Blazer:  The Limited (Available here)
I love the mix of metallics, and I'm a sucker for sparkle.

I'm absolutely loving this faux leather envelope skirt from Forever 21+.  

Tank:  Gap (old)
Tights:  The Limited (Available here)

Unfortunately, it's a little too big and longer than I'd like it to be, so I'm not sure it's a keeper.  Some items can be easily altered, but this skirt may be more trouble and costly than it's worth.  On bottom, I am typically a 10-12 in misses/straight sizing.  Being bigger on top, blouses, sweaters, and dresses from F21 usually fit great.  The junior plus-size fit gives me perfect proportions in those items. 
Bracelets:  LOFT (Available here, here, and here)
This is my first attempt at buying a bottom from the store, and I am wondering if their bottoms fit more like traditional plus-size 12 vs. straight size 12.  I can only get F21+ on-line, and I don't want to keep attempting buying skirts or pants if they are very unlikely to fit. Anyone know how the sizing of bottoms generally compares to straight sizing?
Clutch:  The Limited
Boots:  Fergaliciious by Fergie (Available here)
Will you be wearing sparkle this New Year's?

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12 Days of Holiday: Relaxed Tuxedo

Happy Friday everyone!

Holiday looks continue today with a relaxed tuxedo look.  I love tuxedos on women, and I really enjoy new twists on the tuxedo, like these pants with ivory stripes.  

Pants: Ann Taylor Petites (Available here)
Jacket:  The Limited (Similar here)
Blouse:  The Limited (Available here)
The flowy pants and loose open jacket have a relaxed feel that give this outfit less formality than one typically associates with a tuxedo. 
Necklace:  The Limited (Available here)
Bracelets:  Torrid and The Limited (Available here and here)
Heels:  Target (Available here)
I wore a variation of this look to work yesterday, but I added a gold clutch here for more of an evening feel.

I think this is a perfect day-to-night look for last minute holiday parties and events.

Clutch:  New York & Company (Available in black here)
Earrings: The Limited (Similar here)
Do you like tuxedo-inspired fashion?

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12 Days of Holiday: Cozy Days

Today's holiday-inspired outfit is great for running last-minute errands, staying cozy at work, or even for sipping cocoa by the fire (wearing slippers instead of boots).
Sweater:  NY&CO. (Similar here and here)
Pants:  The Limited (Similar here)
 I used a brooch to close the sweater, but I still kept the fit loose and easy.  I only had one brooch, but using three or four brooches with a similar feel would create a unique look.
Blouse:  The Limited
Boots:  Fergalicious by Fergie (Available here)
Rings:  The Limited (Available here and Similar here)
Brooch: Old (Retailer unknown)
To add a little more holiday bling, I added a few rhinestone rings and earrings (sorry for no-close-ups).  The overall look is somewhat casual, but polished, and VERY cozy!
Clutch:  The Limited (Available here)
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12 Days of Holiday: Candy Cane Casual

Happy Holidays!

Jeans:  Torrid (Available here)
Scarf:  The Limited (old) (Similar here)
Today's casual look is a holiday-inspired outfit I wore this past weekend to an ornament exchange party.  The party was casual, but I wanted an outfit that felt a little bit festive.
Blazer:  Torrid
I started with this red and white striped scarf that always reminds me of candy canes and added a black and white striped blazer for a fun mixed striped effect. 
Camisole:  LOFT (Available here)
Boots:  Fergalicious by Fergie (Available here)
Purse:  Target (Available in navy here)
Bracelets:  The Limited
Earrings:  The Limited (old)
The green purse adds to the holiday color theme.

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12 Days of Holiday: Black Swan

If you've been following my blog, you know that I love ballet-inspired fashion.  When I spotted this dress at Forever21+, it had me at the tulle.  The full skirt just feels fun and special. 
Dress:  Forever 21+ (Available here)
Forever 21 can be a pig in a poke for finding quality clothes that look mature enough for a 30-something professional.  When I do find something though, I am usually quite happy with the fit.  Because Forever 21 has more of a juniors' fit, their XL is often perfectly proportioned for my petite curvy frame.
Belt:  LOFT (Available here)
Blazer:  Ann Taylor Petites (Available here) - Sleeves shortened
 This dress required no alterations.  While it's a little longer than featured on the web site, I love the longer fit.

I added a burgundy velvet jacket, sparkly belt, and floral satin lace-up heels for an evening feel. 

I decided to skip tights, but you could easily add some glittery or lace tights for a little extra warmth.

Clutch:  The Limited (Available here)
Heels:  Prabal Gurung for Target (Available on eBay here)
Ring:  The Limited (Available here)

Right now, I have nowhere special to wear this outfit, but I would definitely wear it for a winter wedding or dressy holiday party.  I don't usually purchase dressier items without some place to wear them, but I think this dress has a classic feel that I will love for years to come.  When an event comes up, I'll have something to wear!  :-)
Bracelet:  The Limited
What would you wear to a formal winter wedding or holiday party?


12 Days of Holiday: Casual Glam

Happy Sunday, everyone!
Jeans:  The Limited (Available here)
Jacket:  Torrid (Sold out on-line; may be available in stores)
Today's holiday look is something I would wear to an evening holiday house party or a low-key evening out.  
Camisole:  Ann Taylor (Available here)
Necklace:  LOFT (Sold out on-line; may be available in stores)
Shoes:  Target (Available here)
Purse:  The Limited
The sequins, silk, and rhinestones feel festive and fun, while the jeans and relaxed shapes keep the look laid-back.

To make the look more casual or snow-friendly, you could switch the heels out for a pair of knee-high or over-the-knee boots.

Bracelets:  LOFT (Available here and here)
What you wear for an evening holiday house party or holiday evening out?

P.S.  Sorry for the wrinkles on my shirt.  I decided to snap pics before I got the iron out!  :-)