Nautical Vibes

I just love a black and white color palette, and I can't seem to resist great pieces in my favorite palette when I find them.  Enter this dress and blazer from Eloquii.
Blazer:  Eloquii (Available here)
Dress:  Eloquii (Available here)
This dress is awesome for winter as the crepe material has a little weight to it, but it's also lightweight enough that it will work well into summer.  White dresses can be a little tricky as they are sometimes see-through, but the heavier weight and lining on this one make it less of a concern.
Boots:  New Look (Sold out on-line; see here)
I paired the dress with a nautical-inspired black and white blazer.  I love how the lines on the blazer play against the lines of the dress.
I was worried that all the details on this one were a little overpowering for my petite frame, but with a few adaptations and alterations, the jacket was perfect for me without sacrificing too much of the design.  I shortened the sleeves and removed one of the stripes on the bottom of the sleeve.  I tucked the pocket flaps inside to narrow the white portion on the body of the jacket, but I have the option of wearing them either way.
Now that I have had the sleeves shortened, I realized that the sleeves also need to be narrowed, and I will likely have it taken it in a bit in the torso for a sleeker, more streamlined fit. 
As for the dress itself, my tailor removed (and then re-attached) the sleeves and moved the shoulders of the dress up to get the proper fit in the waist.  The bell sleeves were also narrowed to be more in proportion to my frame.  Lastly, the dress was hemmed to just below the knees.
Purse:  The Limited
I love the graphic feel of the color blocking in this look.  I didn't want to compete with the lines of the outfit, so I kept accessories to a minimum, opting for only small earrings and a faux fur keychain on a faux crocodile satchel.
Keychain:  Torrid
Are you a fan of black and white?  Do you have any easy alterations tips you'd like to share?


The Evening "Suit"

Hi everyone!  It's nice to be back on the blog today.  I've missed you all!
Pants:  Eloquii (Available here)
Life has been super busy as I've been working 13 hour days with little break.  I expect to be doing the same for a couple more weeks, but I hope to squeeze in at least a couple blog posts like this one here.
Blazer:  The Limited (Similar here)
Bodysuit:  Boohoo (Available here)
I love a pants look as a winter dress-up option.  These wide leg lace pants from Eloquii are classic and elegant.  They're actually meant to be a bit cropped, but they were a great length for me as full-length pants.
Boots:  New Look (Sold out on-line; see here)
I paired them with a black suit blazer and a bodysuit for a streamlined look. 
Clutch:  The Limited
I added a black and gold clutch and gold and green accessories to add some pop and shine to all the black.
Jade ring and bracelet:  Vintage
Quartz and malachite bracelet:  Macy's
Earrings:  Eloquii
Cuff:  Eloquii
Would you wear lace pants?  How do you add pop to an all black outfit?


Happy New Year, PIlgrim!

Hope 2016 is treating you all well so far!!!
Dress:  Eloquii (Available here)
Things are still busy for me, and I am admittedly feeling a little frazzled.  Because life has been so hectic, I have been opting for easy no-brainer dressing options.  And what's easier than a dress?

This black and white dress from Eloquii has such an easy fit, and it is one of those pieces that can be dressed up or down.

Tights:  Eloquii
Like almost all of my clothes, this dress required some alterations. It had a layer of white fabric on both the sleeves and the hem which made the dress and sleeves too long.
Boots:  New Look (Available here)
At first, I simply considered hemming both, but I realized that I preferred the dress without the white.  Being so petite, I felt like the white layers were a little overpowering, and the dress seemed a bit over-designed.  
Instead of spending the money on alterations, I was able to change this dress myself by cutting the white layers out.  From the outside, you can't tell that anything was cut out.
Ribbon tie:  Wal-Mart DIY
I bought some inexpensive ribbon and created a bow-tie for an added touch.  Tights and booties kept me warm with the winter chill.
Purse:  Forever 21
Faux fur keychain:  Torrid
My kids thought the dress looked pilgrim-y, but that was okay with me.   :-)
Rings:  LOFT and The Limited
Do you wear a lot of dresses?  What is your go-to when you want easy clothes?


New Years' Style Resolutions - How Did I Do in 2015?

Last year, I made a few style resolutions for myself.  Today, I wanted to look back to see how I did!

I Resolve To...Wear More Color!
I really love wearing black and neutrals in general, but wearing color can make me feel really good, and color projects confidence and personality in a way that neutrals can't always do.

So, last year, I resolved to wear more color.  I think I did pretty well with this resolution as I implemented more color into my wardrobe over the last year.  Even though most of these outfits still incorporate black, I was much more likely to add colorful tops accessories, shoes, and other rainbow-hued pieces.

Top, left to right: Manic Monday:  Fall Colors; Hustle & Flow;
Black Pants for Work:  Sailor Stripes
; To Belt or Not To Belt
Bottom, left to right: Keep It Classic; Color and Confidence 2:  Seeing Red;
Bringing A Little Color To The Workplace
; Red Hot
Top, left to right: Prints Charming; Color and Confidence 2:  Mellow Yellow;
Weekend Natural + JORD Wood Watch Feature; Ruffles & Lace-Ups
Bottom, left to right:  Imitation Game:  Simply Cyn; Midi & Crop Tops;
Drapey Blazers & Python Clutches; Yellow & Red
Top, left to right:  Manic Monday:  Daytime Office Holiday Party;
Color and Confidence 2:  Green Queen
; Wild Card Wednesday:  Artsy Print;
Manic Monday: Military Inspiration

Bottom, left to right:  Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part 3: My Journey On My Legs
'Tis the Season; Black & White & Green Florals; Imitation Game:  Eloquii Fall 2015
Top, left to right:  Easy Spring WeekendBlack Pants for Work 2:  The Jumpsuit;
I Resolve To...Wear More Color; The Summer Maxi
Bottom, left to right:  Weekend Ready; Color and Confidence 2:  True Blue with eShakti;
The Temptress; Go Blog Social
Clockwise, from top left corner:  Color and Confidence 2:  Purple Haze; Blueprint;
Manic Monday:  Wide Legs and Long LinesReverse It; Imitation Game:  Curvy Girl Chic; Brighten The Day; I Resolve To...Show More Leg; Desk To Drinks; Playing with Proportions
Left, top to bottom: Professional in Faux Leather; Punky Sexy Day-Glo Lady
Middle:  Chasing Rainbows
Right:  Summer Crush

I Resolve To...Show More Leg!!
With a new-found love of my legs, I resolved last year to wear shorter skirts and dresses and flaunt those gams.  I made a decision to feel great about my legs and to show them off as much as I wanted.  Another successful resolution!! :-D

Top row, left to right:  Casual In Vogue; Fun With Zippers and Antiquarian Couture;
Call of the Wild; Saint Louis Fashion Week:  My Experience, My Fashion

Bottom row, left to right:  Wild Card Wednesday:  Leather & Lace; The Shorts Alternative; Beachy Bohemian; Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part 6:  Body Hair
Left, top to bottom:  Spring Berries & An Eyewear Feature From Firmoo.comI Resolve To...Show More Leg; Reader's Choice:  Casual Wear
Middle:  The Temptress
Right, top to bottom:  Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part 3:  My Journey on My Legs; Snowy Whites
I Resolve To...Stay on Budget!!
Budgeting does NOT coming easy to me, especially when it comes to my fashion purchasing.  I'm most definitely a shopaholic, and I hate to say it, but I blew my budget constantly in 2015.  The hubby and I are still in the process of trying to buy a house and getting our credit in line to do so, so even though I am horrible at it, I must continue to work on being better at sticking to a shopping budget.  As I also have a lot of clothes I'd like to get rid of, selling my clothes on eBay may be a way to increase my disposable clothing budget.

I Resolve To...Stay True To My Style!!
I think that in 2015, I became more attuned to what my style actually was.  I got better at purchasing clothing that was truly my personal style, especially when it came to work clothes.  While I incorporated more color last year, I also accepted that I just love to wear black (and white), and I put less pressure on myself to wear the variety of colors that I thought I should wear.    When I did wear color, I opted for a lot of greens, my favorite color.  I looked for sleek/architectural shapes and flowy maxi skirts and dresses.
Top, left to right:  Saint Louis Fashion Week:  My Experience, My Fashion;
Black for Summer:  The Culotte Jumpsuit
; Skirt Week 2:  All White Everything;
Wild Card Wednesday:  Smart Glamour Fall 2015

Bottom, left to right:  Midi & Croptops; Imitation Game:  Kim Kardashian West;
Manic Monday:  Day to Night;
Imitation Game:  Eloquii Fall 2015
Left, top to bottom:  Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part 4:  My Belly and Me;
Fun With Zippers and Antiquarian Couture; Edgy Formal
Middle:  I Resolve To...Stay True to My Style
Right, top to bottom:  Gilding the Lily; Blueprint

I Resolve To...Have More Fun With Fashion!!
I overcame some of my fashion fears and took more risks this past year.  Overcoming some of my body image issues and fears allowed me to have more fun with fashion.  Becoming bolder with my fashion choices, I played with more texture, daring necklines, fun prints, and whimsical clutches.  I definitely had more fun with fashion in 2015 and hope to do the same in 2016!!!
Left, top to bottom:  Wild Card Wednesday:  Faux Fur & Velvet;
If the Apocalypse Comes, Beep Me
Middle:  Reverse It
Right, top to bottom:  Imitation Game:  Rosie the Riveter; Snowy Whites

Left:  Imitation Game:  The Je Ne Sais Quoi
Middle:  Winter Bites
Right, top to bottom:  Imitation Game:  Nadia Aboulhosn;
Bringing A Little Color To The Workplace; Wild Card Wednesday:  Leather & Lace
All in all, I am quite happy with how I met my style goals for 2015.  I didn't really make any resolutions for 2016, but I'd like to continue to have fun with fashion, while staying true to my style and getting even more in tune with what's "me."  I definitely feel like I failed myself when it came to my budget, and I plan to try harder this year to stay on top of my fashion expenditures.  It's the most important of my style goals, and success in this arena means more money for my family.

Do you have any style resolutions for 2016?  How do you think I did with my 2015 resolutions?


Reading Between The Lines

Shortly before Christmas, I wore today's look to work. It has a festive feel with the stripes, red, and sequins.  I felt like a candy cane...in a good way. 
Top:  Eloquii (Available here)
While I loved this look for its holiday feel, it's not overly "holiday," so it's an outfit that I would be likely to wear anytime during the year.

Since I've been working a lot of overtime, I have been looking to clothes that are comfortable for long hours of work, and this outfit definitely fit the bill.  I would wear this look on the weekend, but it's still polished enough for work in my business casual setting.
Sweater:  Torrid
Pants:  The Limited (Available here)
Shoes:  New Look (Available at ASOS here)
I love wearing sequins for daytime, and this top is a versatile piece that easily transitions from day to night.  The sequins aren't overly sparkly, and by adding the sweater, it helps tone down the sequins enough that it doesn't feel over-the-top for an office setting.
Cuff:  The Limited
Tote:  Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant
Glasses:  Valentino
I love that the look is relaxed and easy and has such a graphic color combination.  The sweater is super comfortable, and the top has a knit back, which makes it great for all day wear.  Unlike a lot of sequin tops, this one is not scratchy.  Yay!!!
How do you stay comfortable at work?  Do you like a red, white, and black color combination?
For the red sweater in another look, see here.