2015 in Review - My Favorite Posts This Year!

I can't believe 2015 is winding to a close.  This year seemed to whiz by super quickly!  As the year went on, it became harder to find time for blogging, but as I look back at 2015, it is fun to look at my posts over the last year and explore my style highs and lows!

These are my favorite posts from 2015 in chronological order:

Yellow & Red
In 2015, I tried to experiment more with color and to branch off a little from my usual desires to wear all black.  This combination of yellow and red was fun, and this yellow dress is one of my favorites!  This slightly oversized black blazer from Eloquii also quickly became the biggest go-to piece in my wardrobe, so much so that it might need to be replaced in 2016!

Gilding The Lily
I'm in love with the golden pleats on this skirt, and I adore how this look manages to be so dressy and pulled together while still having a cool laid-back feel about it. 

Fun with Zippers and Antiquarian Couture
A moto jacket, fringe booties, and a simple but sexy shift dress are casual, comfortable, and versatile.  Plus, black and white...

This is What A Feminist Looks Like
While this outfit definitely wasn't among my favorites of the year, I loved the post - I've been a feminist since before I knew what a feminist was, and this year, I felt like I was able to come full circle into really understanding what being a feminist means to me.
Snowy Whites
I had so much fun with this winter wonderland look!!  It was so cold and snowy in March, and I just wanted to bring on the spring!!  The floral clutch, tree necklace, and mixed whites made me feel like a spring fairy, trying to bring a bit of spring to the bitter cold.
Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part 4:  My Belly and Me
This year, I've really tried to get over my body hang-ups - one way I did that was through deliberate fashion choices that revealed parts of my body about which I have the greatest anxieties.  My midriff got a lot of exposure this year (especially after #CropGate), but this was probably my favorite of the belly baring looks!

Art of Work
Spring always makes me want to break out with more color, and this past spring, this brushstroke print dress was definitely a favorite. 

Punky Sexy Day-Glo Lady
I absolutely love this kilt!  After several years, these neon yellow heels still feel fresh and fun, and rocking a waist-length neckline as a 37 year-old with a DDD chest just felt sooo punk rock! ;-D

Midis & Crop Tops
This year, I tried to explore hem lengths more.  I have never been one to stick with the most "flattering" hemlines and shapes, but midis have generally been my least chosen.  I wore a lot more midis this year, but this laser-cut A-line shape was probably my favorite of the bunch!

Unconditional Body Beautiful - Part 6:  Body Hair
Summer brought on a first for the blog - a post dedicated to swimwear!!  I was initially unnerved about doing this post (all my body issues rearing their head), but the photo shoot was so fun, and in the end, I just decided to embrace my beach body.  Besides, this swimsuit was just too fierce not to share on the blog!

Black for Summer:  Culotte Jumpsuit
I always enjoyed playing with different shapes when I was thinner, so I don't see any reason that I should have to stick to the same boring shapes just because I've gained weight.  Cropped culottes are "dont's" for both petites and curvy women.  Hmmmm...they're a do for this curvy petite!!

Bringing Color To The Workplace
When you have to be at work during the summer, it helps when you are wearing comfortable clothes that you love.  This blue pleated maxi skirt and embroidered crop top are so relaxed, but the blazer pulls things together.  This outfit was a surprising go-to for work several times over the summer.

Wedding Spectactular:  A Guest Look & Wedding Pics
I got married this year, so of course, my wedding post was among my favorites!!!  The bohemian feel of my dress and hair was a great choice for a summer wedding.

Wild Card Wednesday:  Leather and Lace
The year of really stepping out of my comfort zone continued in September with this sheer lace maxi dress.  I've come up with a few other ways to style this dress, but this version is my favorite. 

Imitation Game:  Eloquii Fall 2015
While I definitely ventured into wearing more color this past year, I also focused on interesting new basics, like this carwash pleat skirt.  I love it when an outfit manages to feel both super professional and stylish, like this outfit made me feel!
Manic Monday:  Day to Night
While peplums are super flattering, I had grown out of favor of them after they seemed to be everywhere for too long.  This skirt caught my attention though because the peplum was a little more exaggerated than on most skirts.  This cropped jacket is several years old but continues to be a favorite piece in my wardrobe - it's really hard to find a well-fitting cropped jacket when you're so petite!!

Wild Card Wednesday:  Faux Fur & Velvet
Lately, I've definitely been into faux fur, and I love this outfit because of the jacket but also because of the mix of textures - the velvet booties with the more casual cotton twill skirt, for example.  This eyelash clutch has been my favorite since early fall. 

Evening Textures
The last favorite on my list is one of my most recent posts - this monochromatic mix of faux fur, fringe, and lace-up heels.  There's nothing that I don't love about this look!  The dress is so sophisticated, but the fringe makes it fun.  I love looking polished and pulled-together, but I always like to be a little unexpected.  This textured look feels classy but retains a youthfulness!
Do you remember any of my favorites?  More re-caps of 2015 coming to the blog soon! 


Brighten The Day

Hope you all have been enjoying the holiday season. 
Jacket:  Torrid (Available here)
It's been a super busy season for me due to increased work demands.  I apologize for being away from the blog a lot lately.  Between work, an upper respiratory infection, busy kids' schedules and holiday events, life just keeps getting in the way!!  I also had a minor car accident last week, and during my off-hours, I have been taking some prescription meds that make me virtually useless.
Pants:  The Limited (Available here)

Heels:  Target
Even though my work schedule shows no signs of improving any time soon, I hope to get back on track with blogging by planning ahead with some blog posts and getting things scheduled.
Clutch:  The Limited
I'm starting today with this fun and easy look that is versatile for work or play.  In the past, I have shied away from wearing so many bright colors to work, but I wasn't feeling well last week and just wanted to wear something "happy."  The bright colors make me nostalgic for my late 80s fashion, but the overall has a quieter sophistication that works for my current preferences and lifestyle. 
Camisole:  LOFT
These simple black skinnies and camisole are my go-tos for layering on more interesting pieces, and I love how the black really lets the neon fuchsia and yellow pop!
Necklace:  Target (old)
Do you have any colors or pieces in your wardrobe that you turn to for a pick me up when you're not feeling well?


Evening Textures

Sorry that it's taken me a while to get back to the blog.  I've been working a ton of overtime (with no end in sight), and now I have an upper respiratory infection, so boo!
Dress:  Ann Taylor (Available here)
Coat:  Target (Available here)
I have some other holiday looks planned that I hope to get up on the blog, but I wanted to be sure to include this one because it is my favorite!
Shoes:  New Look (Available at ASOS here)
Earrings:  Target
Clutch:  ASOS (Available here)
I paired a fringe dress with a faux fur jacket and a faux fur clutch for a sassy and fun evening look.
Bracelets:  LOFT & Torrid
Ring:  The Limited
I love the black and ivory color palette, the mix of textures, and the small pops of pink from the clutch.  I definitely don't think you need to stick to traditional red and green for the holidays!
Do you have any dressy holiday parties or evening events to attend this season?


Manic Monday: Daytime Office Holiday Party

The holidays bring on many occasions to dress up, and some of these events can be challenging.  It can be difficult to decide what to wear to an office holiday party, for example.
Blouse:  Eloquii (Sold out on-line; join the waitlist here)

The culture of your workplace, including typical dress code, and whether the party is during work hours or in the evening or on a weekend can help give you clues as to what's appropriate.
Cape:  Eloquii (Available in garnet here)
Skirt:  Eloquii (Available here)
My workplace is typically business casual, and our office holiday party starts essentially at lunchtime and ends at the end of the normal work day.  Today's post is for those of you in a similar situation.  Since you must work before the party, what you wear should be office appropriate.  It should not be too loud and flashy and should be no more revealing than what you would normally wear for work.
Shoes:  (Available at Kohl's here)
Clutch:  Jason Wu for Target (old)
Furry Key Chain:  Torrid (Available in pink
To make your look more festive, you could add in reds and greens, subtle sequins, and more blingy accessories.
Blouse:  Eloquii (Available here)
Necklace and Earrings:  The Limited (old)
Today's looks are both outfits that I would normally wear to work, but I added a little more and/or more shiny jewelry than normal, and I went with clutches with evening details like lace and metallic.

Rings:  Vintage and LOFT (old)
Pants:  The Limited (Available here)
Shoes:  New Look (Available at ASOS here)
I was considering the cape look for my office party this year, but a black and white dress code was requested.  Instead, I'm likely going to wear the cape blazer with a black top and add in some extra sparkle.
Necklace and Clutch:  The Limited (old)

Do you have an office holiday party to attend?  Is it a day or evening function?

For the skirt in other looks, see here.