Wild Card Wednesday: White on White

I mentioned on Monday's post that I am opting for brighter colors as a way to transition to spring, but I don't think anything makes me feel like spring as much as wearing white.
Jacket:  Rebel Wilson for Torrid (Available here)
White is a perennial spring favorite, but it's also a big trend this year.  As a result, retailers are offering some really great white pieces, providing more options in a variety of fabrics and cuts.

Since it's still quite chilly, a white moto jacket is a superb transitional piece.  The color shouts spring while the faux leather adds needed warmth.
Dress:  ASOS (Available here)
The jacket is from Rebel Wilson's latest collection for Torrid.  It's not a true white - it's difficult to tell in the photos because of the lighting, but the jacket (and dress) are more of an off-white.

For those of you interested in the Rebel Wilson collection, I can give a little insight about the two white moto jackets that are part of it.  The spring collection included a version that was described as white and as 21 3/4 inches (the style I'm wearing here) and a longer version that has a lace overlay and was labeled as bright white and as 24 1/2 inches
Wedge sandals:  Sugar/Kohl's
Because I was wanting a true white jacket (in part, to wear with the midi featured here), I ordered both jackets to see which one I would like better.  I found the lace version a little bulky.  The lace didn't really lay flush against the faux leather underneath, and I thought it did absolutely nothing to flatter my figure.  While the lace one was labeled as bright white, the color of the jackets actually appeared very similar in person.  In the ended, I opted for the shorter version, and I'm really excited about it.  I think it will be a versatile piece to have in my wardrobe! 
Sunglasses:  Tory Burch
Rings: Earthbound Trading Co. & Local jewelry show purchase
Paying attention to measurements provided by websites has helped me to better accommodate my figure with less stress - I knew from the length that the shorter version would likely work better for my petite frame and also work better with fuller skirts and other pieces that I wanted to wear with it. 

I was right about the length, but the jacket still required an alteration - the sleeves needed to be shortened.   I had the sleeves taken in mid-sleeve so that I wouldn't lose the zipper detail at the cuff. 
In addition to the jacket alteration, I had the dress taken up at the shoulders to conceal my bra and to move the slightly drop waistline up where it belonged.
This easy shift dress will be great come summer when I just need to throw something on but don't want to be bothered with a lot of clothes.
Bracelets:  Express, LOFT
Clutch:  Target
Will you be wearing a lot of white this spring??


Manic Monday: Spring Transitioning

As the weather starts transitioning to spring, I'm starting to think about wearing more color.  I've been wearing a lot of black lately, but I have also been trying to incorporate more bright colors and pastels.  One of my favorite ways to transition my wardrobe is by taking a cold weather staple, faux leather, and adding spring-like touches such as a pretty coral blouse and turquoise jewelry.
Skirt:  Eloquii (Available here)
This outfit could easily be worn a lot of different places, but by pairing it with a large clutch and simple pumps, it is work-ready. 
Bracelet:  Purchased from jewelry vendor
I would possibly add a blazer depending on how cold it was or if I needed to up the professional appearance of the outfit.
Blouse:  Target Petites
Necklace:  eBay
Heels:  Target
Clutch:  Target
Glasses:  Valentino
Leather, real or faux, can be a great staple for work, even in more conservative office settings.
Would you wear leather for work?  How do you transition your wardrobe for spring?
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Red Lips & Corset Details

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate!! My outfit for today probably isn't very Easter-y, but I'm wrapping up my short series on black dresses with this lace-up style from Forever 21.
Dress:  Forever 21+ (Available here)
I really love corset details, so imagine my surprise when I found this bare, but not too revealing, dress.   
Boots:  New Look

The neoprene fabric is a substantial weight without being too heavy, and the overall quality of this piece is really great!  I have been rather impressed with Forever 21 lately.  They have had some unique and cool pieces. all made well with nice fabrics.

Forever 21 has more of a juniors fit, which works well with my petite frame.  Juniors fits tend to have smaller overall proportions - I find their plus size line fits my bigger parts (bust and belly) while also fitting my smaller parts (hips and shoulders).  I did need to make one alteration to the dress which made a big difference in the fit - I took the shoulders up to move the waistline of the dress up to my natural waist.
Jacket:  Jennifer Lopez Collection for Kohl's
Sunglasses:  Tory Burch
Even though I think the quality of the dress is good, I was a little concerned that the dress could read too "junior."  Skater style dresses, while cute, tend to read a little young to me, and after a lifetime of always being thought of as younger than I am, I generally prefer to look my age.

Wanting to make the dress a little more grown-up, I opted to keep the hem as-is.  The dress was a little longer on me than intended, but I thought the longer length helped offset the low neckline. 

I considered pairing the dress with lace-up stiletto heels, but I thought the boots felt fresher and more modern.  The boots helped offset the overt sex appeal of the dress and were also comfy - more and more important to me these days.

I finished the look with a blush moto jacket, soft red lip, and a cute telephone clutch. 
Clutch:  Torrid (Similar available here)
Earrings:  Macy's
Would you wear a dress like this?  Where would you wear it?  What do you think about the length - good as is or would shorter be better?

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Wild Card Wednesday: Undercover BodyCon

I was planning this post for Sunday, but I was having trouble with my photos - for some reason, I was appearing orange in a lot of them so I had to play around with the lighting so as not to look like an Oompa-Loompa!!!  Photography is one of the hardest parts of blogging for me as I don't have a ton of time to take pictures and I'm usually relying on the skill of my children!
Jacket:  Boohoo Plus (Available here)
The weather is a current set back to spring fashion, but I'm giving it my best!!!  This week, I am thinking about transitional looks and little black dresses. 
Dress:  Forever 21+ (Available in tomato here)
Heels:  New Look
Necklace:  Eloquii (Available here)
For today's look, I am trying out a bodycon dress.  I am not normally a bodycon gal - it's just not a look with which I usually feel completely comfortable and I love flowy dresses.  I am not crazy about showing off my belly, and I have yet to find shapewear that fits me well.  That said, I decided to give it a go with the mental safety net of the soft trench coat.
To my surprise, I really loved the look with the trench both opened and closed and got a little bit closer to fully embracing my belly.  Unfortunately, the wind was not really cooperating, so most of my looks were with the trench closed as the jacket was moving everrrrywhere!
Glasses:  Valentino
Speaking of the trench, I had it hemmed, as I do with most pieces!  I felt like the shape didn't really work for me when it was longer.  Having it hemmed created a more flattering shape AND showed off more of my legs which I love!
I finished the look with an oversized clutch from St. Louis-area designer Cameo de Bore.  The bag maintains my simple color palette, but it definitely adds a unique touch!
Clutch:  Cameo de Bore (Similar available here)
Are you a fan of bodycon dresses?  Do you wear shapewear?  Favorite brands?


Manic Monday: Not-So-Basic Black

I'm finally just about over all the yuck (I was starting to think I would be sick forevvvvvver!), but it has been a bit hard to get back into blogging.  I did manage to get a few pictures done over the weekend before the weather turned colder, so this week I hope to get back on track while featuring a few black dresses.  There's just something about the LBD that I find hard to resist!
Dress:  Eloquii (Available here)
Obviously, little black dresses are a classic and a major closet staple for a reason.  They are super versatile and can easily be dressed up or down.
Jacket:  Forever 21+
I love interesting variations on the classics, so I was really intrigued when I saw this knit dress from Eloquii.  I immediately knew it would be a great casual dress paired with flat sandals or comfy booties for summer.  Once it arrived, I knew that I could also dress it up with a moto jacket and cool necklace for a night out or create a pulled-together work look by pairing it with a blazer.  Really, this dress holds a lot of possibilities!!
Satchel:  Express
The shape of the dress is unique, with the draping creating almost a jumpsuit effect.  The piece in the front goes between your legs, wraps around your hips/bottom, and then ties in the front.  It's really easy to master, and you can tie the waist higher or lower depending on where you prefer it.  Here, I have it a little high, but I will likely lower it a bit the next time I wear it.  The design is a little tricky in the bathroom where it can be hard not to drag the dress on the floor when it's untied, but really it just requires a little extra thought.
Boots:  New Look
Necklace:  Eloquii
For today's look, I paired the dress with a cropped blazer for work.  The satchel helps keep things all business, while the red tassel necklace adds a pop of color and bling.
Cuff:  The Limited
 Do you like black dresses?  Would you wear a dress like this?
Glasses:  Valentino
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