Shadow Florals and a Do-Over Look

Hope you all have had a great week.
Pants:  The Limited (Similar here)
Blouse:  The Limited (Not available on-line; may be in stores)
Today's look is one of those outfits that I can get by with at work on rare occasion.  It feels a little too casual to wear it often, but on those days when you just feel like flowy clothes, it works.

I love the shadow floral print on the blouse.  Florals always make me think of spring, but I love that this print isn't the typical bright floral prints you see in the spring.

Cardigan:  The Limited (Available here)
Boots:  Fergalicious by Fergie (Available here)
Bag:  The Limited
Necklace:  The Limited
Bracelets:  World Market, Target, The Limited
I'm a big fan of bright greens with black and ivory, so I paired a green boyfriend cardigan to maintain the comfort and ease of the top.

In other topics, sometimes I wear an outfit or see my blog pictures and realize that there was something "off" with the look that if tweaked would greatly improve the look.  

Such was the case with the look from my "Seafoam and Red" post.  I had not hemmed the shirt yet, and it was a little too long.  I had planned on wearing this blazer with pewter lapels (rather than the plain black worn) to tie the pants and blazer together more, but I was still waiting on it to get altered at the time.  Also, while I really do love seafoam and red together, I was not carrying the red clutch around all day, so the bangle seemed a little out of place.  I needed to incorporate more red in the look itself to get the full effect.

I will also add that in editing my photos, my images got blurred and accidentally saved, so my pics from the first post were not as clear.

Seafoam and Red look
Clutch:  The Limited (See here)
Blazer:  The Limited
Additional outfit details in original post
After hemming the top, I decided to wear the outfit again, skipping the red accessories (as fun as they are) and opting for a sleek black clutch.
Which look do you prefer?


Transitioning to Spring

I'm still wearing dark suits and familiar favorites to get me through the winter, but, even though it is going to be less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit here tonight, I have faith that spring will EVENTUALLY get here. 

While it can't happen soon enough, I'm doing some planning - trying to come up with some new transitional outfits that will get me through unpredictable spring weather in the Midwest. 
Skirt and top:  Target
Jacket:  The Limited
I've added my heavy faux leather quilted jacket and ankle boots to a spring/summer outfit from last year for a mix that will keep me warm enough while still sartorially celebrating nature's re-birth with bare legs and pops of sunny yellow.
Necklace:  Shoxie.com (Available here)
Bracelets (left):  LOFT
Bracelets (right):  The Limited, LOFT
Clutch:  The Limited (Available here)
Boots:  Fergalicious by Fergie (Available here)

How do you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring?

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Dressing for Comfort

Feeling very OVER winter and being cold, I find myself desiring clothes that are comfortable and easy.

I don't want to wear skirts or dresses because they require tights, and I am just too lazy to care anymore. 

Pants:  The Limited (Similar here)
Clutch:  The Limited (Sold out on-line; see here)
Blazer:  The Limited (Similar here)
For me, a black suit is the mashed potatoes of the clothing world.  It is comfortable, makes me feel good, and is always in good taste.
Camisole:  LOFT Petites
Until spring weather gets here, I'm likely to reach for familiar and classic pieces that make no-brainer outfits.

Hopefully, you won't get too bored in the meantime! 

Boots:  Target (Available here)
Scarf:  LOFT (Sold out on-line; see here)
Do you have "comfort clothes" to get you through the moody days of winter?

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Nod to Mod

I apologize for being MIA the last several days.  Too much going on and not enough time!!!

I've got several ideas planned for spring posts coming within the next month or two, but right now, I'm feeling a little uninspired in the fashion department.  It's still cold, and I am feeling bored with all my clothes right now (and yes, I'm being incredibly whiny and self-indulgent).  

Pants:  The Limited
Blouse:  The Limited (Available here)

With work extra busy and life on overdrive in many ways, I find myself reaching for what is easy - which for me is black pants, black pants, and more black pants.  You'll be seeing a lot of them over the next few weeks because, well, that is what I've been wearing! :-D

Today's look plays with my favorite color combo of black and white.  The stripes feel on-trend for spring as graphic black and white continues to be a major concept on spring runways.  I think it's time to stop calling this look a trend - seriously has it ever really gone out of style?

I like this look because it feels a little 60s mod while still resonating in 2014.

Blazer:  The Limited (Available here)
Boots:  Target (Available here)
Purse:  The Limited
Necklace:  The Limited (No longer available on-line; see here)

For work, I used the larger white bag, but I also thought it would be fun to play with graphics by adding a polka dot clutch.
Clutch:  The Limited (Similar here)
What trends or styles are you looking forward to for spring?  Do you ever get in fashion ruts??

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Dress Week 2: Mixed Prints & Cobalt

Today, I'm wrapping up Dress Week 2 with a recent work outfit and a slight variation that I would wear for more casual situations.

I love mixing prints, but I questioned mixing three prints, especially for work.  I thought the pattern mix might be too much, but in the end, I decided to go for it.  Both the prints and the color palette are relatively simple which prevents the look from going over-the-top, in my opinion.

Dress:  The Limited
Jacket:  The Limited
Ring:  Earthbound Trading Company
Bracelets:  Express (old) Zoppini (old), New York & Company (Available here)
I'm always a fan of bold colors with black and white.  The cobalt jackets add a bright pop against the graphic black and white.

Silver accessories with pops of cobalt help tie the look together.

Blazer:  New York & Company
Scarf:  Gift
Tights:  The Limited
Boots:  Payless
Clutch:  The Limited
Would you mix three prints in one look?

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Dress Week 2: Planning for Spring

Happy Monday everyone!

For those of you were off of work today, let me just acknowledge my jealousy!  :-)  For the rest of us, it was back to work and back to trekking out in winter weather!

While the weather outside is frightful, I'm thinking about my outfits for St. Louis Fashion Week in the spring and came up with this outfit.

Dress:  Eva Mendes for New York & Company (See here - no longer available on-line)
Boots:  Target (Available here)
I'm loving this one-shouldered asymmetrical dress made cool with open-toe ankle booties and gold jewelry.  This look could be worn now with the addition of some warm tights.
Jacket:  Target
Clutch:  The Limited
Ring:  Shoxie.com (Similar here)
I featured this dress here on the blog back in December, but at the time the dress was too long.  I used a belt to create a shorter look, but I always knew that I wanted to get it hemmed.
I love that I can now wear the dress loose or belted to create different looks!
Necklace:  Vintage
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Dress Week 2: Metallic and Fringe

Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day and weekend!

My honey was busy studying this week for a licensing exam, so we decided to postpone our plans for a weekend getaway for later this month.  Instead, we enjoyed a quiet Valentine's Day dinner at a new Mexican restaurant we discovered and then went shopping for household supplies.  You know what - it was so much fun!  It's so rare that we have the opportunity to do simple errands together. It may not seem like much, but just spending the alone time together was very lovely! :-)

Dress:  eloquii by The Limited (old)
Blazer:  The Limited (See here - no longer available on-line)

I'm continuing with Dress Week tonight with this fun fringe dress.  I featured a very simple styling of this dress to accommodate the sticky heat and humidity of last July during my first Dress Week here.  Now, the weather is decidedly colder, so I added a blazer with metallic lapels and high boots. 

I first envisioned this outfit with crochet tights and ankle boots, but I'm so over winter and wearing tights that I opted for these boots to add the needed leg warmth (sheer or printed tights could still be added for extra warmth).  I like the length of this dress well enough with heels, but I'm thinking that it should have been shorter to wear with high boots - to give it a more evening, less business-y feel with the blazer.  What do you think?

Boots:  Payless (old)
What I love about this look is how the metallics and fringe give the outfit a little bit of a rocker edge.  And, the hot pink is just so cheerful for the winter time!
Earrings:  The Limited (old)
Bracelets:  LOFT (Not available on-line; may be available in stores)

This dress was my only purchase from eloquii - a plus-size line that was previously owned and operated by The Limited.  I'm excited to announce that eloquii is coming back very soon!!  The company is under new ownership, so no word on what the style direction of the company will now be, but it's great news for plus fashionistas! 
Clutch:  The Limited (Available here)
Did you shop at eloquii?  Are you a fan of high boots?

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Dress Week 2: Softness and Structure

Dress Week 2 continues today with my ivory color blocked dress.  I paired the dress with a navy military blazer with black trim. 
Dress:  The Limited (old)
Blazer:  The Limited
Bracelets:  New York & Company, The Limited (Available here, no longer available on-line)
A gold belt and gold hardware on the boots and bag help add a little brightness and flair to the outfit.

I really love mixing flowy pieces like this dress with more structured pieces like the blazer.  I think it is the hard and soft balance that I really enjoy.

Tights:  The Limited
Boots:  Target (Available here)
Purse:  Target (Similar here)
Belt:  The Limited (came with a jumpsuit)

Do you like mixing flowy pieces with more structured ones?  Do you like mixing neutrals?

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P.S.  I was looking for a pair of rubber soled boots with a short stacked heel like the boots featured here (perfect for the snow).  I tried this pair at home, but the boots rubbed too much and had to go back.  The search continues!!


Dress Week 2: Leopard and Plum

I love mixing warm purples, reds, and oranges with leopard print.  
Dress:  The Limited (Similar here and here)
Blazer:  LOFT Petites (Available here)
Tights:  The Limited
Boots:  Fergalicious by Fergie (Available here)

The beige and black print of this dress mixes easily with deep colors.

I'm getting tired of tights and am longing for bare legs, but for now, black mesh tights and ankle booties add extra warmth.

Bag:  The Limited
Earrings:  LOFT (Available here)
Bracelets:  New York & Company, The Limited (Available here, no longer available online)
What colors do you like to mix with leopard print??

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Dress Week 2: Modern Fit-and-Flare

Dress Week 2 starts today with this fun printed fit-and-flare dress.  I am looking forward to wearing this dress with sandals in the summer, but I winterized it here with a faux leather jacket and warm tights and boots.
Dress:  The Limited (Sold out on-line; may be available in stores)
Jacket:  Target (Available here)
Purse:  Target
It can be hard to wear jackets with fit-and-flare dresses.  I usually feel like I lose my shape in such styles when I add a jacket.  This peplum jacket is great because it follows the contours of my shape and the dress.

As is usually the case with my clothes, both this dress and jacket required alterations.  I've featured this jacket here on the blog already a few times (here and here).  Outside of the sleeves being too long, the overall fit was not too bad before, but I opted to have the jacket taken in under the arms and to have the sleeves slimmed a bit for a more streamlined fit.  The jacket has stretchy side panels, which make the effects of the alterations a little hard to see; however, I did notice a difference in overall fit.
I lost some of the blue fabric at the bottom of the dress; however, I actually think the block of blue is now more proportionate for my petite frame.  The blue felt a little overwhelming before, but now I quite like it.

While the dress has an oversized lace print, it looks like a modern tribal print to me, so I added a white howlite necklace and my citrine/zebra bag to keep that feeling.

Necklace:  eBay (Similar here)
Tights:  The Limited (old)
I've really been into exploring more prints lately.  I am so fickle with prints that I'm often overly cautious about purchasing printed pieces because I'm afraid I will grow tired of them too quickly.  While they don't have the staying power of solids, prints certainly make a wardrobe more interesting and fun.
Boots: Payless (old)
Do you prefer to wear solids or prints?  Are you a fan of fit-and-flare styles?