Indie Spotlight: This Nasty Woman Votes

The way too long and hostile election season is finally over, and today, we cast our votes for the next President of the United States.  I will eagerly and nervously be awaiting the results, hoping that history will be made and we will elect our first ever female POTUS.
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Even though I have really strong opinions, I try to stay fairly apolitical on the blog because I want this to be a welcoming space for all.  But, this election feels different.  Really different.

After voting for Bill Clinton in my first election in 1996, I have typically voted Green Party.  The Green Party stands for real progressive change that is most in line with my personal, political, and spiritual beliefs.  During the primaries this year, I decided to vote for Bernie Sanders.  He has fought long and hard for equality in this society, and I was really feeling the Bern.

Unfortunately, he did not make it through to the end, and in this dreadful two-party system that we have, Bernie Sanders is no longer a viable choice for president.  In fact, he has requested that voters NOT write him in and instead offer their support to Hillary Clinton.
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I don't agree with everything about Hillary Clinton.  She is far too moderate for my preference, and I think she, like most Democrats, pander to liberals while having way too many ties to big business and lobbyists. 

Our system as a whole is corrupt and needs reform.  Instead of the winner-take-all approach we have here in the States, we need
ranked-choice voting
 that actually honors the popular vote and the concerns of the electorate.  That discussion is for another time though because we are here, facing a big decision about who should become our next President.
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And while I have my reservations about Hillary Clinton, she still stands for many of the progressive values that I hold dear.  She has worked for women, families, children, social equality, and so many more important issues throughout her career, and she is by far, without a doubt, the most qualified candidate for the job.  So even with my concerns, I can proudly say that this year, #ImWithHer. 

I am choosing not to vote Green Party because I think this election is just too important, and the stakes too unbelievably high.  I live in Illinois - it's a traditionally Democratic state.  My vote for a Green Party candidate wouldn't be in vain.  That said, if this election is challenged, as Donald Trump has promised to do if not elected, then the popular vote may become even more important, and I can't take that risk.  Not for myself, not for my kids, and not for society as a whole.
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Donald Trump is one of the most openly xenophobic, racist, sexist, Islamaphobic homophobic, and ableist candidates we have ever seen.  This election isn't about Democrat or Republican for me...it's about right and wrong.  It's about my children - children who are biracial, female, and who have special needs.  What message am I giving them if I voted for someone who has shown such disdain and hostility to all of them at different times.  My children are afraid that their Latino friends will be deported!!!  This is serious and scary and sad.

This election I am voting for friends and strangers who want the right to live peaceful lives, free to love and marry who they want.  This election I am voting for the rights of people like my great-grandfather who traveled to this country from Turkey as a young boy, seeking asylum from persecution.  This election I am voting for myself as a woman who has been a victim of sexual assault and harassment and as a woman who wants to see an end to misogynistic rape culture.

This election, I am voting for all of us.  Because regardless of your personal political views, most of us are not part of the elite, and if you aren't part of the elite, Donald Trump brings nothing to you. I am not even sure if Donald Trump has anyone's interests at heart than his own.
Though I am excited to see history being made in my lifetime, I am not voting for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman.  I'm voting for Hillary Clinton because at this stage of the game, she is the best candidate we have for the job!
Despite the hatefulness of this election, it has inspired me to do some good in the world, particularly for women.  To that end, I am facilitating a drive to collect needed goods for a local domestic violence shelter.  For those of you who want to help but who don't live near me or know me personally, I created a GoFundMe page to raise funds to buy the items needed by the shelter, which I am told are toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene products.  I will be doing a large donation drop just in time for Thanksgiving, and I am asking for your kind, non-partisan help in making this winter a little bit easier on the women and children escaping violent situations.  Every little bit helps - a $5 dollar donation buys a couple packs of toilet paper or a bottle or two of floor cleaner.  If you can't donate, please consider sharing the GoFundMe page on your social media to raise awareness and garner additional support.  Just go to:   https://www.gofundme.com/help-phoenix-crisis-shelter?ssid=798133105&pos=1

Also, before I leave you all to vote, I must mention today's Indie Spotlight.  Today, I'm wearing a Nasty Woman t-shirt from female Brooklyn-based fashion and graphic designer Bob Bland.  She has screenprinted tees and bags for all of you Nasty Women and Bad Hombres, so please check her out!  Sizing is small.  I'm wearing a 2X in women's sizing, and it is definitely a fitted style t-shirt.

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