Adventures in Traveling: Plymouth, MA and Middletown, NY

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On our trip back home, we became pretty determined to make good time and kept our stops minimal.

The last of our featured stops were in Plymouth, Massachusetts and Middletown, New York.

After we left Highland Lighthouse, we got back on the road.  We soon came upon Plymouth, Massachusetts.  I knew we couldn't pass without at least taking a look at Plymouth Rock.  We drove into town and stopped at Plymouth Harbor where we took a look at some of the boats.

Purse:  The Limited
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We then found Plymouth Rock.  It is down in a pit in the sand, with a viewing area built around it.  The tide is still able to wash over it as the observation deck sits above the ground.  As we learned from a Park Ranger, the current Plymouth Rock is about a third to quarter of the size that it would have been back in 1620 and the "1620" was carved in the late 1800s.  The decrease in the size of the rock has more to do with human intervention than natural erosion.

We didn't spend much time in Plymouth, but it's definitely a place where you could spend the say going through the museum, enjoying the Boardwalk, and taking a boat ride.

We continued on down the road and stopped for the night in Middletown, New York.  We went out to a few bars in town and spent some time visiting with a friend.

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The remaining two days of our trip were very low-key as we were worn out and eager to put an end to all the driving.

Hope you enjoyed my travel pics.  Outfit post tomorrow!!

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