Denim Week: Heart On My Sleeve

Today's denim look is a recent casual Friday work outfit. 
Jeans:  Torrid (Available here)
Blouse:  New York & Company (Available here)

I love the Stiletto Skinny Jeans from Torrid.  When I got my blue jeans (see here, here, and here), the store didn't carry different lengths.  Now, Torrid carries both 26" and 28" lengths in this style, so I was able to get these black ones in a better length.  The shorter length works much better for me!

If you're 5'3" or under, you will likely prefer the 26" length for more of a true ankle fit.

Cardigan:  Target (Available here)
Bracelets:  The Limited and H&M
I recently picked up this cardigan with faux leather heart elbow patches.  This is an early fall clothing purchase.  I start thinking about fall fashion when it's still sticky and humid out - probably because I'm longing for cooler weather. 

This summer has had some oddly cool, but delightful, weather, so I was super comfortable wearing this outfit - even in July!

I kept the look simple and neutral for work, but I think this cardigan will be cute with more faux leather touches when fall actually gets here.
Purse:  The Limited
Sandals:  Payless
Are you thinking about fall fashion yet?  Any trends on your radar for fall?

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