Saffron and Navy

Happy Thursday, everyone!!

Today, I'm featuring a saffron yellow dress from Eva Mendes for New York & Company. The dress is the same shape/style as a leopard dress I already have.  I normally don't like having duplicates of the same look, but I fell in love with this vibrant and gorgeous color and I'm a big fan of the easy shape of this dress.
Dress:  Eva Mendes for New York & Company (Available here)
Bag:  The Limited
After getting the dress in the mail though, I second guessed myself.  Was it too yellow?  Would I look like Big Bird?  LOL 

I had already decided to keep it, but after I asked my step-daughter what she thought, I was sure in my decision.  She said, "That's a great yellow!  It looks like the sun!"  Being the sun worshiper that I am, how could I resist?  Besides, she did inform me that Big Bird is her favorite bird!!  :-)
Blazer:  The Limited
Necklaces:  Target & The Limited
To tone down the yellow a bit for work (and because the dress requires some shoulder alterations), I threw on my navy military jacket and added camel heels. 
Bracelets:  Target and New York & Company (NY&CO bracelet available here)
I love the overall look, and pairing it with navy makes me realize that this yellow will work well into the fall, so I should get a lot of wear out of it.
Heels:  Target
Are you a fan of saffron yellow???

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  1. Cute! Yes, I have worn yellow. In fall, you could put a brown jacket, shrug, vest, whatever with it. I love it with the navy, though!

  2. I love yellow and I love yellow with navy or blue, I think it's a great combination! I really think that the yellow is a beautiful color! Oh and I really like how you paired the fitted jacket with a more flowy type dress.


  3. Yes! I would even do brown for summer in smaller doses (like brown sandals and a brown necklace)

  4. Thanks Nina! The blazer definitely helps give the look structure.

  5. Classy and colorful. This is a lovely dress in a VERY vibrant color. Nice touch provided by the blazer. Lovely pair of sandals to complete this positive and upbeat outfit.



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