The Yin and Yang of Dressing

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Pants:  New York & Company Petites (Available here)
Blazer:  New York & Company (Available here)
As I have discussed previously, I love the look of women in well-fitting suits and traditional menswear fabrics and styles.  

As much as I like dresses, lace, and other "feminine" clothing, there's something about a woman in a tuxedo or suit that I find much more provocative.  

A woman's natural curves, no matter how slight, balance out the "masculine" presence of the suit creating a look that is ultra-powerful, in my opinion.  It's a look that feels complete in that it mixes the hard and soft, "masculine" and "feminine" - the entirety of each of us as human beings.

Today I was inspired by the Helmut Newton photograph, "Le Smoking."  
Le Smoking - Photo by Helmut Newton (1966)
My version adds some 2012 touches - faux leather details on blazer, burgundy patent leather pumps - while keeping the androgynous feel.
Blouse:  New York & Company (Sold out online; see here)
Shoes:  Target (Available here)
Belt:  The Limited
See this great blog post for more discussion on the history and gender-bending impact of the women's suit and tuxedo:  http://monicadmurgia.com/tag/le-smoking/.

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