Cheer Up Winter!

Hope you all have been having a great day!  
Pants:  The Limited (Sold out on-line; Similar here)
Blouse:  New York & Company (Similar here)
Pants:  The Limited (old; Similar may be available in stores)
Blouse:  The Limited (Available here)
Like many of you, I've been house-bound all weekend and will continue to be so tomorrow as I'm stuck in a near-record Midwestern snowfall.  As most of us in the U.S. are facing harsh blizzard-like snow and extreme temperatures, I've been thinking about ways to warm up and stay cheerful through the winter.
Jacket:  LOFT Petites
Clutch:  Target

Snow is beautiful, but I'm not much of a cold weather gal.  If you're a winter lover, this may not make much sense to you, but for me, months of little to no sunshine makes me feel down in the dumps. I often rely on my wardrobe to get me through the worst of it.  
Blazer:  New York & Company Petites (Similar here)
Tank:  Old Navy Petites (Similar here)

After the fun of holiday glitz and glam, I usually turn to pretty spring colors and interesting details to boost my spirits.  One of my most frequent work looks involves black pants with an ivory/white blouse and brightly colored jacket.   
Necklace:  The Limited (Available here)
I look for blouses in delicate fabrics with black trims and details to keep the look more intentional than a basic black pants/white blouse combo.   Accessories also help tie the individual pieces together to create a more cohesive look.
Bracelets:  Torrid and The Limited (Available here and here)

Tote:  The Limited
Boots:  Fergalicious by Fergie (Available here)

Heels:  Target (Available here)

The pops of springy colors give the outfits a happy feel while still being winter appropriate and warm.

Do you have a cold weather work uniform?


  1. I adore both outfits of yours and your sense of style here. I probably would have worn the pumps with the pastel pink outfit and maybe the booties with the Aqua Green outfit. These are still otherwise lovely outfits.


  2. Thanks so much, John! These are very typical outfits for me, and I would interchange pumps or boots with either outfit!

  3. I love your outfits! It's simplicity and style put together. :) Love love love!

  4. Thanks so much Jasrina! As I've gotten older, I find myself opting for more simplicity in my wardrobe, using accessories and special details like the tuxedo stripes or gold buttons on the pants to get a more interesting look.

  5. The colorful blazers and bracelets are wonderful. Loving the new blog design as well.


  6. I love winter, but I love California winter which is sunny and in the 70's, I think if I was in the snow it would be another story. But yeah I love the pastel colors, your pink one reminds me of a blazer I got from the thrift store which is pink too but I really need to find a tailor because the fit is really bad but I got it because I loved the pastel pink color. Do you have any advice in finding a tailor? But yeah I love the outfits! :)


  7. Thanks so much, Cheryl! I'm still working on some design changes, but I'm loving the simplicity.

  8. Thanks Nina!

    I found my tailors through word-of-mouth. I have two people I go to for different kinds of alterations. I would start with asking around. If that doesn't work, then I would suggest checking out the yellow pages to see what you can find and call around to get an idea of prices and maybe a feel for the "demeanor" of various tailors/seamstresses.

    And, I could handle winters in the 70s!

  9. Just discovered your blog. So far, the green blazer outfit shown in this post is my favorite look. Also liked the way you wore it back in May. This dressier version would be nice for special occassions, but I would probably choose the May 9th version for day-to-day wear.

  10. Thanks Kathy! I love the color green. For me, black pants, white blouse combos are perfect for day-to-day wear of blazers like the green one!


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