Dress Week 2: Metallic and Fringe

Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day and weekend!

My honey was busy studying this week for a licensing exam, so we decided to postpone our plans for a weekend getaway for later this month.  Instead, we enjoyed a quiet Valentine's Day dinner at a new Mexican restaurant we discovered and then went shopping for household supplies.  You know what - it was so much fun!  It's so rare that we have the opportunity to do simple errands together. It may not seem like much, but just spending the alone time together was very lovely! :-)

Dress:  eloquii by The Limited (old)
Blazer:  The Limited (See here - no longer available on-line)

I'm continuing with Dress Week tonight with this fun fringe dress.  I featured a very simple styling of this dress to accommodate the sticky heat and humidity of last July during my first Dress Week here.  Now, the weather is decidedly colder, so I added a blazer with metallic lapels and high boots. 

I first envisioned this outfit with crochet tights and ankle boots, but I'm so over winter and wearing tights that I opted for these boots to add the needed leg warmth (sheer or printed tights could still be added for extra warmth).  I like the length of this dress well enough with heels, but I'm thinking that it should have been shorter to wear with high boots - to give it a more evening, less business-y feel with the blazer.  What do you think?

Boots:  Payless (old)
What I love about this look is how the metallics and fringe give the outfit a little bit of a rocker edge.  And, the hot pink is just so cheerful for the winter time!
Earrings:  The Limited (old)
Bracelets:  LOFT (Not available on-line; may be available in stores)

This dress was my only purchase from eloquii - a plus-size line that was previously owned and operated by The Limited.  I'm excited to announce that eloquii is coming back very soon!!  The company is under new ownership, so no word on what the style direction of the company will now be, but it's great news for plus fashionistas! 
Clutch:  The Limited (Available here)
Did you shop at eloquii?  Are you a fan of high boots?

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  1. I found the tall boots to be a bit unexpected for this outfit. I do adore this coral dress and the fringe detail. The blazer adds a classy touch. I think you played this one pretty well, Cassandra. And as usual- your hairstyle and smile are both pretty.


  2. Thanks John! I'm still not sure I love the boots with this look. I tried adding a belt to shorten the dress, but it didn't look right with the fringe. Maybe I need to hem this dress some more! :-)

  3. tall boots I always liked! I can't believe I don't have a pair right now. Well, maybe next weekend. Those you have one remind me on my first pair of high boots (and first heels) that my mum allowed me to wear when I was 15.

  4. Thanks Ivana! I've always liked tall boots too, but I haven't worn them much over the last couple of years.

  5. Oh I just wrote about the fringe trend, I'm loving this dress and the color is gorgeous. I agree that maybe a few inches shorter would look better with the high boots. But yeah I like the blazer with the metallic lapels with the dress.


  6. Thanks Nina! I'm seriously considering going to get this hemmed some more.


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