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My heart is so heavy today with news of the mass shooting in Orlando.  Hatred and intolerance has bred so much violence in this world, and it saddens me so much to know of the terror that so many people go through on a daily basis in this world.  I stand as an ally to my LGBTQ brothers and sisters, and I stand as an ally to my Muslim brothers and sisters.  Love is always the answer.  I have so many thoughts right now about everything that has happened in the last 24 hours, but my thoughts aren't really that important.  Though I am hurt by it, this mass shooting isn't about me...that said, I contemplated whether to post today, whether me talking about fashion was in poor taste in the wake of such a horrific tragedy.  I decided that maybe some of you needed an outlet just like me...something to take your mind off the senselessness we have witnessed.  So today, I bring you style. 
Pants:  c/o Eloquii (Available here)
Since the first Shop our Closet feature was so much fun, I decided it was time to do it again.  Today, I am trying out three ways to wear a pair of culottes.  These culottes are courtesy of Eloquii, and I am so in love with the pleating on the front of these which gives them a special feel.
Top:  c/o Eloquii (Available here)
For the first styling, I went simple with a black crop top and heels in order to showcase this amazing purse from Betsey Johnson!  I received the striped Call Me Baby cross body bag as a Mother's Day gift from my husband and kids.  It is so adorable, and I loved having fun with it for the shoot!!
Purse: Betsey Johnson (gift) (Available here)
Bracelet:  Swarovski (gift)

Heels:  Target
Sunglasses:  Tory Burch
For the next look, I made my culottes work-friendly by pairing them with a button-down blouse, trench, and heels. 
Trench:  c/o Eloquii (Available here)
Shirt:  c/o Eloquii (Available here)
Culottes and cropped pants aren't allowed styles in my business casual dress code, but I wore this look for a recent casual Friday when the dress code is more relaxed.  Since I'm not much of a denim person, casual Fridays are usually when I wear styles that I think are perfectly professional but that aren't usually allowed.

I felt super chic and polished in this look!  The yellow and blue help soften up the black and white and also give this outfit more of a spring-like vibe.

Shoes:  Candie's (Available in other colors here)
Necklace:  eBay
Clutch:  The Limited
For the last look, I styled the culottes for a relaxed summer evening with a long tunic-style top.  A turquoise howlite necklace and neon pink pumps add pops of color to this monochromatic look.
Top:  c/o Eloquii (Sold out on-line; See here)
Tank:  Old Navy Petites (old) - folded under to create a crop top
Heels:  Target
I am a strong proponent of breaking style rules.  If I were to abide by the rules, cropped culottes would be off limits for two reasons - I'm petite AND curvy.  All the archaic style rules say that I should stay away from them, but why?  They look great, in my opinion!! 
Necklace:  eBay
Like pretty much everything, I had these altered to more of a crop length.  I also had the rise shortened by having them taken up in the crotch a bit.

My favorite pairing of these three is probably the crop top look.  Even though it's super simple, I love the proportions on that outfit. The crop top helps balance out the fuller leg of the pants, which I find flattering on my petite frame.  Crop tops are another one of those pieces that curvy/plus girls are not supposed to wear.  Why?  Because our bellies have extra fluff?  Who makes these rules?  Who gets to decide what other people should wear?  We can decide for ourselves, and in realizing that, we open ourselves up to new possibilities, some of which can look and feel REALLY GREAT!!!!

Which look is your favorite?  Are you a fan of culottes?  Have you tried them?   Do you have any fashion fears - looks or styles that you love but are afraid to try??

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