I Resolve To...Stay on Budget!!

Hope you've been enjoying my style resolutions for 2015.  You can click on the text links to catch up with my resolutions to wear more color and show more leg.

Today's resolution is the least fun of my five style resolutions, but it's the most important to achieve.  This year, I resolve to stick to my style budget.  While budgeting is not fun for me, reducing how much I spend on clothes each month frees up my income for more important things - like buying a house, getting married, and taking trips.  Which actually sound like pretty fun things!!

I am very much a shopaholic, but I'm working on reducing my monthly clothing expenditures.  I did really well with my November budget as I discussed here.  

In December, I got off track - between Christmas gifts of cash and gift cards, lots of sales, purchases and returns (I returned a few pieces from my November budget), rewards and other coupons, I'm honestly not sure how much I spent.  I very well may have stayed within budget - I'm just not sure!! 

But, I need to be sure.  It's important that I stay on top of what I'm spending to avoid my tendency towards overspending.

I'm not doing a round-up of my December purchases this month, since I'm not sure of my budget, but last month I did get the red dress, leopard print cami, clutch, and boyfriend jeans from my December wish list, as well as the Dior-inspired earrings from my November wish list, among other things.

For January, I resolve to stay on top of my expenditures better.  On my wish list for this month?

1.  Shoes - always on the lookout for pairs that fit my small, wide feet, shoes are sort of a permanent wish list inclusion.

2.  Preppy Sweater - I'm not usually one to like preppy or sporty styles, but I love this sweater.  It reminds me of tennis looks from the 1920s, which I really enjoy!

3.  Lace cami - I am all about black lace all the time.  Add a black and white palette, and I'm sold!!
4.  Pink faux leather - I'm currently having a love affair with reds and pinks.  With Valentine's Day around the corner, these colors seem especially fitting.  Soft pinks in faux leather feel a little girly, a little edgy.  And, I am loving the idea of mixing soft pink with red!  I might achieve that resolution to wear more color, after all!! :-)
5.  Nautical-inspired resort pieces - It might be freezing cold right now, but my mind is on the spring.  I love sailor pants and nautical stripes. 

* Silky Stripe Dress

* Sailor Pants
Do you budget for fashion?  What's on your shopping radar for the next month or so?

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