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Happy Monday!!
Dress:  Ann Taylor Petites
I hope you all had an amazing weekend.  This weekend, I tried so hard to get blog photos done, but it's looking like winter is coming back!  We had rain all day yesterday, so these were the only photos I was able to get.

I was planning to do a week-long series for Valentine's Day.  Instead, I'm going to be offering up some Valentine's outfit ideas off and on throughout the next several weeks.

Blazer:  The Limited
Shoes:  Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohl's
Today's Valentine's Day look would be great for dinner or drinks with your S.O. or even a dressier evening out with friends.

I'm so in love with this slip dress, but can I please take a minute to keep it real? 

My biggest body insecurities are most definitely about my stomach.  It's flabby, and it hangs a bit.   I noticed that my stomach was quite noticeable in these photos.  I was wearing some high-waisted underwear (Does the word "panties" not sound...icky? lol) to help hold things in, but I realized that they only contributed to the problem by creating a weird line across my stomach.  

Belt:  The Limited
Clutch:  Jason Wu for Target
I'm not a fan of shape wear.  Maybe it's because I'm so petite, but Spanx and other types of shape wear never fit me properly and appear to make no impact on smoothing out my figure.  I also like to be comfortable, and in my experience of simply trying it on, shape wear just isn't very comfortable.

I seriously contemplated re-taking the photos, wearing different undergarments, or maybe none at all, to help avoid these issues. 

In the end, I decided to keep it real.  I am not comfortable showing the outlines of my belly in my real life, and if I decide to wear this outfit out, I will take measure to avoid the stomach lines showing. 

Ear Cuff:  eBay
But, I am also about honesty.  It's my stomach, what it looks like.  Some of you may think my belly is no big deal.  Some of you may have not even noticed it.  While others of you may find it unattractive.  At the end of the day, it's there, love it or not.  So for that reason, I decided to keep the photos as they are. 

This is me, in a slip dress that shows part of me that I struggle daily to love and accept.
Today, I choose to focus on the fashion and not the belly.  I'm focusing on how much I love the slinky feel of this slip dress (even if it's much better during the balmy summer than freezing rain in January).  I'm focusing on my recent obsession with reds and pinks, wearing this pretty peplum blazer with gold jewelry accented with strawberry crystals.
Rings:  Gift and Kohl's
Bracelet:  Swarovski (gift)
I'm focused on loving me, loving life, and loving fashion...and that is red hot!! ;-D

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