Water Baby

Hope you all are enjoying the new year.
Cardigan:  New York & Company (Available in other colors here)
Today, I'm posting my Christmas look.  This outfit wasn't intentionally pulled together for Christmas, but It had the mix of comfort, casual, and pulled together that I wanted for my family get-together.
Tunic:  Target (old)Boots:  Payless (old)
Slip:  The Limited (Available here)
The print tunic has so many shades of green that I immediately thought of wearing it with the bluish-green sweater when I got it.

Knee high boots completed the relaxed look.
I love how the various shades of green and blue remind me of water.  Maybe it's because I'm a water sign (Scorpio), but I've always been attracted to the water, and green and blue have long been my favorite colors.
Locket:  Target (old)
What are your favorite colors?  And for a totally cheesy 70s pick up line, hey baby, what's your sign??  LOL

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  1. At first I was like ehhh, it's ok but as I scrolled I began to love it. It's like...grunge chic! Idk but I love it!

    Happy New Year!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  2. I love anything that looks water colored. I have a few items I have pinned that I may purchase with that detail. My favorite color is green & I am an Aries, so I am not sure how I could translate that into an outfit. Ideas?!!

    I really like the way this outfit looks. It is casual yet dressy all at the same time.



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