Evening Jumpsuit

I know I'm a little late hopping on the jumpsuit bandwagon.  It's not that I haven't liked them - I have loved them for YEARS, well before they became uber-trendy.
Romper:  Torrid (Available here)
Necklace and Bracelets:  Express
Problem?  At 4'9" and with curves, I was never able to find one that would work for my body - even with alterations.

Recently, I stumbled across this knit jumpsuit from Torrid.  I wasn't sure it would work or that I would like it in the knit fabric, but I find their size 0 to be a rather good fit without too many alterations, so I decided to give it a try.
Clutch:  The Limited
The jumpsuit certainly wasn't a perfect fit, but I was so excited to see that it was workable!

The pants were too long, and the shoulders were too wide.  I still need to get the jumpsuit hemmed, but I was able to create a fix to the ruched shoulders of the jumpsuit by hand-ruching some additional gathers, creating a more narrow shoulder.

White, black, and neon pink accents lend a cool summery vibe to the jumpsuit, but I'm eagerly thinking of ways to style this piece for fall.

My experience in trying to find a jumpsuit was a lesson/reminder of the realism required in deciding whether a piece will work or not.  Being so petite and curvy, I'm used to having to have everything altered. 

Some pieces can be re-worked without a ton of effort and expense (like this jumpsuit), while some pieces are just not meant to be.
Over the last holiday season, I bought a different black jumpsuit and had it altered, and altered, and altered.  The end result?  A jumpsuit that fit incredibly poorly in the crotch area and that made me feel larger than I am.  In trying to take photos with it...I actually split the crotch!  This jumpsuit, as cute as I may have thought it was at first purchase, was just not meant to be.  I plan on eventually having that jumpsuit altered into a dress so that it won't be a total loss, but for now...it sits in my room as a reminder to pick my clothing purchases more carefully!
Are you a fan of jumpsuits?


  1. Sophisticated CurvesSeptember 1, 2014 at 6:28 AM

    Beautiful piece. Love it!!

  2. I love what you did with the jumpsuit. It definitely looks even better on you now. Big fan!

  3. Thank you so much, Sophisticated Curves!!

  4. Thanks so much, Cheryl!! Can't wait to wear this for fall!! <3

  5. This one looks really good on you! Is your hair redder or am I seeing things?

    1. Thanks Carla! It's not redder than it was on my Facebook post, but the lighting seems to really change the colors of my hair! :-)

  6. Love the look and the hair - great color.

    1. Thanks so much, Heather!! I haven't played with my hair in a long time - it's fun to do something different! :-)


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