I Resolve To...Have More Fun With Fashion!!

Today I'm wrapping up my fashion resolutions with the resolve to have more fun with my style!!
Skirt:  eShakti (Available here)
I have plenty of clothes for all aspects of my life.  For a long time, I bought more basic pieces to ensure that I had the staples that I needed.  I have lots of blazers, plenty of basic pants for work or evenings, etc.

A lot of these basics are in black.  I completely love wearing black, but sometimes this color choice is based on a desire to be practical.  I know that the black sweater will get more wear than the green one.  
Jacket:  Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's
Tee:  Torrid (Available here)
Boots:  Target
This year, I resolve to change that some - not just by wearing more color, but by choosing more interesting pieces, fun pieces like this statement tee and tulle skirt.  

If I have the clothes I need, then now it's time to have the clothes I want - to choose aesthetics over practicality.  I figure, you can find an excuse to wear those feathery heels or tulle skirts if you really love them!
Clutch:  The Limited (Available here)
Belt:  Torrid (Available here)
I just love a fun statement tee.  Pair one with a tulle skirt and a moto jacket, and I am in fashion heaven.

While this look is mostly neutral, the blush jacket helps add another layer to the monochromatic palette, while pops of gold add some shine.

I'm also having more fun with my eyewear this year - choosing two new pairs, one in color and these larger lace print frames.

Earrings:  trendylittlepieces (Available here)
Disclaimer:  I am not keeping this skirt.  I custom ordered it from eShakti.  While it was a good fit, I wasn't 100% happy with the layers.   The individual layers were shorter than I expected, which made the skirt look a little inexpensive.  And the ruffles didn't feel modern or sophisticated enough for my taste.  I have returned it, but I plan on replacing it with a solid black tulle skirt that doesn't have the ruffles.  I think I will get more wear out of it.  As I try to stick to my budget, I am really getting more particular about what stays and what goes.  No sense spending a dime on something you don't love!
Ring:  eloquii
How do you have fun with your style?  Do you shop more for fun or practicality?

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  1. I try to fall somewhere in the middle between practicality and fun. I have a difficult time purchasing basics though. That can prove to be challenging when putting a look together because not every piece can be the star of the show. And bravo to you on only spending money on items you absolutely love. That is a good motto.

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