Wild Card Wednesday: Smart Glamour Fall 2015

I do 90% of my shopping on-line, which means I'm always waiting on packages to arrive.  Sometimes, the anticipation for these packages is high, and sometimes, it's just pure excitement.

It was with nothing but excitement that I awaited this skirt from Smart Glamour!
Skirt:  c/o Smart Glamour (Available here)
Top:  ASOS Curve (Sold out on-line)
I'm wearing the Florence pleated peek-a-boo skirt.  In my opinion, this skirt is just so, so sexy and chic!  First off, I'm such a sucker for accordion pleats. The sheer insets add visual interest and keep the skirt feeling more airy and light.  Plus, they are sexy AF!  ;-)  I went with a custom maxi length to make the skirt feel more unique to me.
Jacket:  Torrid (Available here)
Glasses:  Valentino
I love that I can wear the skirt more bare, as I'm doing here, for an evening look or add a slip to wear it for day.  I wore this outfit with a different faux leather jacket last week for my birthday dinner with my husband, and I felt so great in it!
I had been waiting on this cool beaded back cropped jacket from Torrid, and I just love the way it looks with this skirt.  A simple black crop top and ankle booties allow the details of the skirt and jacket to really stand out.
Clutch:  The Limited
Earrings:  The Limited
To play off the mint green in the skirt, I added a blush clutch and rose quartz ring.
Ring:  The Limited
I've talked about Smart Glamour on the blog before, but if you're not familiar with the one-woman company, let me fill you in to the body positive awesomeness that is Smart Glamour. 

Designer Mallorie Dunn makes ALL of the clothing and accessories herself and offers sizes XS-6X AND custom fit/styling options.  I love businesses with a true conscious - Mallorie's entire business model is based of the idea that fashion is for everyBODY, and she doesn't just talk the talk.  Her models are women in EVERY size in her range and in various heights.  She spends as much time promoting awareness and educating women on sizing, problems with the industry's standard practices, and in celebrating diversity as she does in trying to sell a product.  Mallorie is the real deal which makes me super proud to wear her designs!
Booties:  New Look (Available here)
In the interest of realness, I must mention a couple of things that go into my blog photo sessions.  The photos in this post in which I'm looking off to my left?  Those weren't posed shots - I'm talking to my sassy youngest daughter who is sitting on the porch.  I usually have a minimum of two kids in attendance during my photo sessions, often more.  They are usually running around while taking pics, often photobombing or distracting the camera kid taking the photos.  Every crisis imaginable must be solved during a photo session, you see.  I laugh as I write this because I'm always amazed I can get any photos worthy of posting with the chaos that always seems to be going on around me. 
In that spirit, I leave you with this funny but not too flattering outtake that has nothing to do with kiddo distraction.  This face is what happens when two squirrels run around the corner of the house about a foot away from you, wrestling in the fall leaves, and startle the LIVING HECK out of you! 
Are you familiar with Smart Glamour?  What factors are most important to you when ordering or purchasing from a new clothing company?

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