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Hope you all have had a lovely weekend.  Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate!
Skirt:  Eloquii (Available here)
Clutch:  Smart Glamour Custom (Available here)
I can't believe we are already five days into April!  I'm excited by some of the things I have going on this month on the blog - a fun dress series starting later this week and a photo shoot I'm nervously planning!  I'm deciding that it's time to be a little more fearless, and this photo shoot is about conquering some of that fear!

I spent the first part of a three-day weekend in Kansas City going to a blogger conference.  At Go Blog Social, I met a few cool new people, though not as many as I should have.  I am trying to conquer my fear of walking up to people and introducing myself, but it is taking some time.  I always feel like I'm interrupting people or intruding on established pairs or groups, and I feel a wave of insecurity rush over that I normally don't feel.  Again, I'm trying to be more fearless in life though.  Who knows what connections I might miss out on if I'm too shy to approach people?

Bag:  Lily Jade
At the conference, I picked up a few ideas and tips that I hope to try out with the blog soon.  I'm really excited about the potential for some of these plans, and I hope you'll enjoy the small changes you'll see coming up soon!!
With Blogger Babe, Jill of Stilettos on Sunday Morning
Back tomorrow!!

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