Savanna Sunset

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I found an adorable line of Gymboree clothes on eBay that had little safari animals all over them.  The line was called Savanna Sunset.  I was a huge fan of the line, and the collection was perfectly fitting for my Savanna whose middle name just so happens to be Sunrise.  :-)
Bag:  The Limited
Jacket:  Jennifer Lopez Collection for Kohl's (Available here)
Today's outfit reminds me of that line.  Outside of the zebras, it bears little resemblance to the children's clothes, but it feels like an adult version of the theme.
Here, the safari-inspired dress gets mixed with evening add-ons - a pale beigy blush moto jacket and ankle booties - a savanna sunset!
Boots:  Target (Available here)
Dress:  The Limited
Ring:  LOFT
Bangles:  Target, Claire's, Wet Seal
Even though this look would be great for evening, I confess that I actually wore it to work.  I normally wouldn't wear a (faux) leather moto jacket to the office, but on occasion, I like to make exceptions to my work style rules!  Besides, it was a casual Friday - the perfect opportunity to have a little more fun with my work attire.

This look is fun, a little edgy, and oh so comfortable....everything I look for in my clothes!
Necklace:  The Limited
Are you a fan of safari prints?

For this dress in another look, see here.


  1. I love this look. You nailed it!

  2. Very pretty! The zebras are like the 'faces or vase' optical illusion... I keep seeing the white as primary vs. the zebras, until the close up photo LOL

  3. Such a cute story, how cute that your daughters middle name is sunset, that's so pretty! But yeah I really like this outfit, I love that the print at first I didn't recognize the print was zebra's and I really like that and I think it goes so well with the moto jacket and the booties! I don't own many safari prints but I do like them.


  4. I really like the jacket and the dress. It wouldn't be a a Cassandra-quality outfit without some peep-toe booties or some other edgy (yet chic) peep-toe or closed-toe shoes, so these peep-toe booties add extra spice to this outfit. Nicely styled!


  5. Ha! One of the things that attracted to me to this dress was that the zebra pattern was a little abstract. I knew I would want to wear it to work, and I am not sure that I would like this too much for work if the zebra print was more pronounced.

  6. Thanks Nina! I was attracted to this print because the zebra print is kind of abstract from a distance, making it subtle enough for work.


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