Double-Duty Tunic

I have had this tunic for quite a while now, and for some reason, it never dawned on me to wear it as a dress until very recently.
Tunic:  Target
Heels:  Target (Similar here)
I've always layered it with leggings or pants, but it's perfect as a dress!! One joy of being petite is that sometimes you can make your clothes work double-duty like this simply by adding or removing a belt or making other minor adaptations.
Slip:  The Limited (Available here)
Bracelet (right hand):  eBay
Rings:  Torrid (Available here)

The first look would be good for an evening out, maybe even dinner with the honey.
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While I prefer the first look, the second look is more casual and comfortable.  
Bracelets, Left arm:  Wet Seal, eBay, LOFT
Sandals:  Target Kids (Similar here)
I wore the tunic with flat gladiator sandals while going out to dinner with the family on Father's Day.  I changed only the sandals, but I love how it gives the overall look a very different feel.
Clutch:  The Limited (old)
Which styling do you prefer?  Would you wear a tunic as a dress?

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  1. I really like the casual version, and your accessories ROCK!

  2. Gorgeous tunic, I love the print.

  3. This reminds me of a tunic I had before and I never thought to wear it as a dress could have used it more times before I grew out of it. But yeah I really like the way you styled it with the heels because it makes it a little more dressy. I love the accessories your wearing, man I've been trying to find mindi rings for myself but it's so hard to find some that fit my fingers.


  4. A lot of tunics can double as dresses. This is probably a real plus for petites. It's safe to say this tunic is beautiful whether as a tunic or as a dress. The chic pumps and the "arm party" are stellar touches to this outfit. I prefer the pumps more than the sandals, but I can surely understand the issue of comfort. Love your style here, Cassandra!


  5. Thanks Nina! I got these midi rings from Torrid. Have you tried there?


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