Sun & Shades

I've been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days, so I haven't had a chance to snap any new outfit pics. 

I had never posted these pics, and not feeling well, it seemed like the perfect time for a sunny yellow jacket!  :-)

Dress:  eShakti (Currently out of stock; see here)
Jacket:  The Limited
The last time I featured my spectacle print dress, I noted that I had just realized it was navy instead of black.  I wish this jacket were a little less boxy with this dress, but I really like how the yellow plays up the navy.

This jacket is certainly too hot for summertime in the Midwest, but for those of you who have chillier summers, or at least cooler summer nights, a faux leather jacket can be a great option.

Booties:  Target (Available here)

Bracelet:  LOFT
Not too long ago, I was not a big fan of navy and yellow, but in the last two years, this combination has really started to grow on me.  It has a nice contrast, and I love how the warmth of the yellow brings out the blue.

Purse:  The Limited

Are you a fan of combining yellow and navy?

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  1. I think navy and yellow look really great together because the navy balances out the brightness of the yellow. I didn't know your jacket was a faux leather one until I read it, but I think it looks great with the dress. But yeah I really hope you feel better Cassie!


  2. This is a different style of Navy + yellow. The other way was with that Navy Blue blazer and that yellow dress. This one here is more a reverse deal. And with this fun dress, it looks very cool with the yellow blazer. The skin-tone peep-toe booties are a sweet touch. Very cool style from a very cool fashionista!


  3. Great outfit! I like the color combinations...and that print is super fun!



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