Girly Details

Hope your week is treating you right! 
Dress:  LOFT (Similar here)
Blazer:  eShakti
Yesterday for work, I took an already feminine fit-and-flare dress and added a pink eyelet blazer and floral lace-up heels for a look with a lot of girly flair.
Shoes:  Prabal Gurung for Target
Bracelets:  The Limited
While I love a grown-up romantic and feminine look, I usually don't like to go over-the-top girly.  This outfit strikes a good balance to me.  The shoes have just a touch of edginess, and the blazer adds structure that helps offset the bubblegum pink color.
Clutch:  Target (old)
How about you?  Do you enjoy a girly look?

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  1. I love girly looks especially when it has a little edge to it. I love this outfit, the black and white dress is so chic and goes really well with the pop of color from the pink blazer.


  2. I love this black and white dress on you. Who says short curvy folks shouldn't wear horizontal stripes?! They look fab!
    I very occasionally go all out girly, usually it's girly with a bit of an edge. When I do go all girly, it feel fun, like I'm donning a costume or something :)

  3. Even speaking as a male, I have no problem with girly outfits and girly details. I think it is best to showcase your style however one pleases. Only problem I sometimes have is feeling as if you NEED to be edgy with an outfit, even if you don't want to add something edgy... as if an outfit that is too girly/cute is a bad thing. With that said, I adore this outfit and how it is all structured. I really like the blazer the most here.


  4. I agree. I don't think horizontal stripes make much difference! I like girly with an edge. I kind of feel the same as you when I go all out girly - like a costume. I really love more feminine/romantic/womanly type looks - especially with a touch of something edgy. I think that is different than girly. Maybe it's being petite/young-looking, but wearing pink and a fit-and-flare style dress can feel a little juvenile if not worn with serious heels and a few more "adult' touches added in.

  5. I don't like super girly/cutesy in general - I prefer to feel more grown-up. I love feminine clothes; I just usually like them with a little more sex appeal and womanly glamour. And nothing wrong with a touch of edginess! :-)


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