Color and Confidence: ORANGE

Rainbow Week continues with ORANGE!
I wore an orange dress and decided to pair it with my soft blush booties and moto jacket. 
Moto jacket:  Jennifer Lopez Collection for Kohl's
Dress:  LOFT Petites
I chose this dress today for a special reason.  Outside of it being orange, it is a very boobalicious dress, and I love my breasts!

They aren't as perky as they used to be.  They're uneven.  They're imperfect. 

They are also round, large and quite pretty.  They fed two infants, and when stimulated properly, they are a source of great pleasure.

Yes, my dear readers, my breasts are FABULOUS!
Booties:  Target (Available here)
I tell you all this because I think it's important to find something, even if it's only one part of yourself at first, that you love about your body.  For me, that first body part was my breasts.

One of the biggest steps towards greater body confidence is to learn to start turning your focus from negativity and towards positive reinforcement. 
Clutch:  New York & Company
It's easy to get fixated on what's supposedly "wrong" with ourselves, but how often do we take the time to see what's right?  How often do we compliment ourselves the way we compliment others? 

It isn't narcissistic or shallow to see our own beauty.  Especially in a culture so obsessed with appearance, it's vital for our feelings of self-worth.  I say own your body.  It's the only body you'll ever have, and you are the only one with your exact body.
Bracelets:  LOFT (Available here and Similar here)
Rings:  Torrid (Available here and Available in silver here)
Find a body part you love about yourself and flaunt it if you desire.  This could be in the form of showing more skin or simply wearing a more body skimming look. 

Some of you may not want to flaunt it, or modesty concerns prevent doing so.  That's perfectly okay too.  But, when you are alone, alone with your own thoughts, alone with a mirror, look at yourself and really see yourself.  Not the "bad" parts - the whole beautiful YOU. 

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Do you like wearing the color orange?  What's RIGHT about YOUR body? 

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  1. Not only is the dress lovely for its design, it is also lovely for its bold orange. You've even taken a bold stance here with the views you express here. Much love to you on this one!


  2. You are so cute! Just stumbled upon your blog today. I love what you said above. Amen to that!


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