Clinton Kelly Tells Us What to Wear!!!

I'm so behind in writing this post, but I'm excited to share my experience earlier this fall attending a fun fall fashion show at my local Macy's hosted by style guru Clinton Kelly.
I was grinning like the Chesire cat about meeting Clinton!
Photo c/o of Macy's
Clinton has had a partnership with Macy's since 2005.  As a component of that partnership, he tours the country dishing style advice and schooling adoring fans on how to wear the season's hottest trends, whatever your body shape or age.

At this "Girls Night Out," Clinton discussed six of the fall's hottest trends, while also answering the audience's style questions and charming us with his snarky funny, but still very sweet, personality.

Clinton advises an audience member on attaining a more flattering fit
Clinton dispensed advice on how to remain age-appropriate and flatter your body, while still having fun and remaining modern with trends.  To do so, he used models of various sizes and shapes and ages, which I love!  How annoying is it to see style advice for women of various shapes using models who essentially look the same???


Distressed Denim
Mixed Media (Mix of fabrics, textures)
Skater Skirts
Layered Knits
While he provided familiar advice (if you are a What Not to Wear fan), he was quick to point out that people should wear what makes them happy.  If you love flaunting your cleavage, flaunt away.  Love showing off those legs, go for it!  The most important part is being happy with your look and who you are as a person!

One of the things that impressed me the most about Clinton was his awesome body positive stance.  He discussed how the images of "perfection" we see in the media are constructed.  Having met many celebrities first-hand, he re-iterated that NOBODY looks the way they are portrayed in the media.  He discouraged the audience from comparing themselves to these false images.

He also encouraged people in the audience to forgive people who have harmed their self-esteem through criticism or bullying but to  release any negative words they had been fed.  He admonished parents not to criticize their children's bodies, reminding them that even "helpful" comments can lead to lifelong injury.

Through "What Not to Wear" and other venues, Clinton has worked to help people feel fabulous through fashion.  I was sad to see this show come to an end.
Clinton dishes style advice
Clinton encourages body acceptance
After the show, Clinton posed for pictures with fans.  I was able to meet Clinton and discuss my blog and the struggles of finding trendy, edgy fashion as a curvy petite gal.  Clinton agreed that fit is a very difficult challenge for curvy petites, but he also re-iterated that there is not a single trend that can't work for ladies like us.  Silhouette is the key to making any trend work for any body, including curvy petites!

Which look or trend is your favorite?  Were you a fan of "What Not to Wear?" 


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