Cassential Links, 3.24.14

Nadia always looks amazing, but I'm triple dog loving this simple, elegant, and sexy look.

Photographer Ji Yeo shows us the side of plastic surgery we don't usually see.

I've wanted to do some boudoir/pin-up photos for a long time, but I always feel too silly.  This post offers tips and love the diversity represented

While you should always wear what makes you happy, these are some pretty solid style tips for curvy girls.

A few years ago, a cop said if women didn't want to be raped, then they shouldn't dress like sluts.  Then, this happened.  A lengthy video but worth watching in its entirety.  P.S.  I have a very short cameo at 51:56.  P.P.S.  So fortunate to have had Brennan as a student back in my teaching days.  One amazing chica!! 

This article illustrates why it's important for us to not be afraid to speak out against social wrongs.

This post on cultural appropriation in fashion really has me thinking about the difference between exploiting and profiting from the fashion/costume of other cultures and cultural diversity/globalization in fashion.  Expect a post on this topic in the near future...

While my life experiences have differed from Kiah, I can totally relate to the inspirational influence of high-fashion and the development of my own style individuality and aesthetic fueled by circumstance.

Loving this ultra lady-like look from Keiko Lynn...and those lip print shoes are the perfect touch of quirk.

UPDATE:  A little shameless self-promotion -

Several St. Louis fashion bloggers offer styling suggestions for the spring 2014 St. Louis Fashion Week Kick-off Party!!  Even if you're not in the area, local bloggers and I offer some fun looks to inspire your spring evenings!

As women, we're constantly bombarded with rules about what we should wear.  In my latest post for The Curvy Fashionista, I say wear what you want and offer inspiration for breaking the petite plus rules of style.

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