Cassential Links, 3/11/14

Chrystal Bougon encourages curvy girls not to settle.  There's a man or woman out there that will love you for you.

Feminism has become a virtual trend lately - what does this mean for the future of feminism, and more importantly, gender equality?

The bright colorblocking and oversized tunic over leather leggings speak to me on so many levels.

Cynthia rocks a jumpsuit in a way about which I could only dream.  

Tess Munster discusses her life as a plus-size model.

Gabi gets it so right here with this fab asymmetrical dress and statement necklace.

If real women looked like fashion sketches, the reality would be quite scary

Great casual look...Cheryl layers jackets like a pro

There are so many "rules" about what women should wear, especially curvy and plus-size women.   Break the rules!

Looking for some self-love inspiration?  Sally over at "Already Pretty" gives us a list of her favorite body positive blogs. 

Jean Paul Gaulthier breaks new ground featuring aging punks on the runway.  Love seeing diversity on the runway!!

Thought-provoking project in which black Harvard students share their experiences

Aerie, the lingerie company owned by American Eagle Outfitters, is challenging standards by featuring unretouched photos of non-supermodels in their ads.

And in unfortunate retouching news...Target screws it up again with disastrous photoshopping of a juniors swimsuit model.

Love Jess' unapologetic response to the guy who attempted to shame her boyfriend for dating her


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, my dear!

  2. Hey Miss work chic! Thanks so much for including me in your list round up. Glad you liked that look.

  3. Great links, I've seen a few of them and there are few I haven't seen yet. I think you put together great links thanks for sharing them Cassie.


  4. Oh I can totally relate to shopping my own closet, I love to mix up different things in my closet and I think playing dress up hasn't gone away for me too. But yeah I think this looks is fun and different, its not one of my favorite looks of yours but I do like it.


  5. You're very welcome! Thanks for being such a wonderful and positive resource!

  6. I'm gad I'm not alone! :-)

    And, I feel the same way about the outfit!

  7. I love all the links, but the first and last were great for me to read today.

  8. Glad you were able to get something out of them!


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