Quilting and Leather

Hope you're all having a great evening!  Today's post starts with what I wish I were wearing and ends with what I actually wore today.
Top:  Target (Available here)
Purse:  Forever 21 (Available here)
Blazer:  The Limited
The first look would be perfect for an evening out (when the temps start warming up).  I love the cutout on the top and how the quilting on the top echoes the bag.  

The faux leather envelope skirt and booties keep the jacket casual.
Skirt:  Forever 21
Booties:  Target (Available here)
I'm still playing with some of the lovely jewelry pieces from Ixora Boutique.
Necklace:  Ixora Boutique (Available here)
Today, I'm wearing the awesome Soleil pendant in gold.  If you haven't noticed from two of my tattoos, I'm sort of a sun worshipper!  I absolutely love this pendant - the mixed gold and silver metals make this piece super versatile.  Expect to see it on the blog a lot!  :-)

I'm also wearing the moonstone ring again - also a truly versatile piece that works with many different moods.

Ring:  Ixora Boutique (Available here)
My second look for today is just a small twist on the look above.  I swapped out the skirt for satin-trim tuxedo striped trousers, and I was ready for work.  I love how the cutout on this top makes simple black suit look fun.
Pants:  New York & Company Petites (Similar here)
Which look do you prefer?  Do you find yourself attracted to suns or other images/prints?

For the leather skirt in another look, see here.
For the trousers in another look, see here.
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  1. I love the detail on that top and the shoes. You should wear that first outfit for a night on the town this weekend!

  2. Oh I have the same skirt and I just wore it this weekend too. Just wondering did you do any alterations on your skirt? Just wondering because my skirt is kinda long on me. But yeah it's such a cute outfit and I love the pendant necklace. :)


  3. Thanks Cheryl! If it were warmer, I would! It's still pretty chilly here!

  4. Thanks Nina! I haven't altered this skirt yet, but I actually have the waist rolled up on it. The skirt is too long on me too, and I have plans to get it altered. Here's what it actually looks like: http://stylecassentials.blogspot.com/2013/12/12-days-of-holiday-new-years-eve-sparkle.html

  5. Oh I need to try that because mine is as long as how yours was in the other post.

  6. It's a good quick fix as long as you're wearing a loose shirt!


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