Dress Week 3: Pastels and Lace

Happy Monday!

Today I end Dress Week 3 with a recent work look.
Dress:  LOFT Petites (Similar here)
I paired my ivory lace and crochet dress with a pale blue blazer and yellow clutch for a soft look that also still manages to look professional.

Multiple textures add visual interest to this look, while the color palette keeps the various textures from being overwhelming.
Blazer:  The Limited
I enjoy pastels quite a bit, but I find that many soft colors wash me out.  This blue is one of the better pastels for my complexion.  I usually wear any color that I like, regardless of "flattery," sometimes wearing slightly darker make-up to avoid the wash-out effect.  

If you're a fan of pastels but don't like them with your skin tone, you may find adding accessories, like this clutch and necklace (worn as a bracelet), to be a more suitable way to enjoy the pastel trend.  Sage green nail color adds another pastel pop.
Clutch and Necklace:  The Limited
Bracelet:  LOFT
Booties:  Target (Available here)
Necklace:  Target (Available here)
Are you a fan of pastels?  How important is "flattery" in your choice of wardrobe colors?

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  1. Cassie that dress is so pretty and I love how you styled it with the blue blazer and the pop of color from the clutch. I love pastel, I don't own too many pieces that are pastel but I'm trying to add more. But yeah I like to wear all different colors and I don't really think of it goes with my skin or if it's flattering on me, I'm more like if I like this color I'm going to wear it. :)


  2. Thanks Nina! I'm the same way - when it comes to color, I wear what I like!!


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