Honorable Mentions 3

I know that I just did an honorable mentions post recently, but I had another, more spring/summer set of photos to share.  Some of these are from last summer, and some are more recent, which explains the variance in hair length/style.  :-)

Shorts:  Torrid
Blouse and Blazer:  Forever 21
Shoes and Clutch:  Target
Skirt, tee, and clutch:  The Limited
Shoes:  Target
Bracelets:  World Market and Target
Top and Sandals:  Target
Jacket:  Torrid
Skirt and Purse:  The Limited
Skirt:  Wet Seal (Available here)
Tee:  LOFT Petites
Earrings:  World Market

Moccasins:  Minnetonka (Available here)
Bag:  The Limited
Bracelets:  Baker's, Target, Express

Dress, Satchel, Belt, and Earrings:  The Limited
Blazer:  LOFT Petites
Sandals:  Payless

Look 1: 
For the denim shorts in other looks, see here and here.

For the cropped tuxedo blazer in other looks, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Look 2: 
For the faux leather skirt in other looks, see here, here, here, and here.
For the tee in another look, see here.

Look 3:
For the top in other outfits, see here, here, and here.
For the skirt in other looks, see here, here, here, and here.
For the jacket in other looks, see here and here.

Look 5:
For the polka dot dress in other looks, see here and here.


  1. My favorite is the yellow heels/leather skirt. Killer combination on you!

    1. Thanks Yasmin! I think that's probably my favorite too!

  2. Hands down, the polka dot dress outfit (5th outfit) is my favorite. Second place is the outfit with the burgundy skirt and top with the gladiator-type sandals (3rd outfit). Good batch of outfits here.


  3. Thanks so much John! I would have preferred a slightly more delicate shoe or even stiletto bootie, but I do love the skin-tone shade of these booties!

  4. Thanks Nina! I'm trying to find more excuses to wear this - it's so fun! :-)

  5. Thanks Yasmin! I think that's my favorite look too!

  6. Thanks John! I love that dress for work!

  7. So many great outfits! My favorite is the black T with fringe skirt and moccasins. So fun!
    It's so refreshing to visit your blog when I get a chance. I love the variety of your clothes, and the confidence with which you show them off.

  8. These are great outfits. How do you choose which ones you put up? because I have a lot of outfits that I don't post because usually I don't like how the pictures came out. But yeah I really like the one with the skirt from wet seal and the moccasins, it's so cute and different from what I usually see you in.


  9. Thanks Nina! That outfit is a little different than what I normally wear, but I'm trying to build more of a fun casual wardrobe. I have wanted moccasins for a long time. My fiance and I took a short weekend trip a month or so ago, and I found these in my size at a little shop.

    I usually choose my pics for honorable mentions rather than a full blog post based on a couple factors:
    1. Have I worn a very similar outfit on the blog before? For example, I styled the polka dot dress with other black jackets and shoes before. The vibe was different with this look than the previous ones, but I didn't feel like it warranted its own post.
    2. Did I get enough good pics? Sometimes my whole set of pics comes out blurry or my eyes are closed in every one, or there is some other issue that makes the pics not turn out too well. If I like the outfit, but only have a good pic or two, I use it as an honorable mention.
    3. Am I only meh about the outfit? Sometimes, I wear an outfit or take pics of a look that I"m not crazy about. Some of those times, I simply don't post, but other times I'll post it as an honorable mention. I figure that just because it's not my favorite doesn't mean someone else won't like it.

  10. Thanks so much Doctor_Tinycat!! The confidence is definitely a work in progress, but it's amazing how much doing this blog has helped in that area - that and getting older and wiser. :-) I'm glad that my confidence translates into the photos!

    The tee is actually a dark green - I wasn't sure about it with the red striped skirt, but ultimately I decided to go for it.


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