Black Textures

Happy Friday, everyone!

Hope you have all had a great week.  Today, I'm wrapping up the week with a recent work look.

Skirt:  Ann Taylor (Sold out on-line; May be available in stores)
Top:  eloquii (Sold out; See here)
I love playing with textures, so for this look, I wore a chiffon skirt with striped ribbing detail and a lace crop top.  To show off the texture of the lace top, I chose a beige cami.
Tank:  The Limited (Available here)
I wanted to give these lightweight fabrics a more autumnal feeling and to take away some of the delicateness of the look, so I added a velvet blazer and open-toe booties.
Blazer:  New York & Company
A faux crocodile-embossed satchel completed the look.
Satchel:  Express
Velvet and chiffon are certainly unexpected textures to wear together, but I'm loving how the mix adds depth to the outfit.
Boots:  Target
Do you like mixing textures and patterns in a look?

P.S.  The first time I wore this skirt (link below), I noted how I planned on getting it hemmed.  I have since had it hemmed (as pictured here), but it still felt a little long, so I brought it back to my tailor.  I hope to have it the perfect length soon.  Sometimes tailoring is a process of trial and error.  It's always better to err on the side of too long because then the piece can be shortened.  Take off too much, and you're stuck with a skirt you don't want to wear.

For the top in another look, see here
For the skirt in another look, see here.


  1. If you get the skirt shortened again, do you have to pay for it a second time?

    1. If I bring it back right away, I've never been charged. Obviously,it is better to get it right the first time, but when in doubt, I say err on the side of too long.

  2. Simply wonderful
    Stay in touch!
    Can we follow each other on GFC and google plus?
    New Post Sandy Sandhu

    1. Thanks Sandy!
      I don't use GFC (what is that?), but I just followed you on google plus!!

  3. I like how you played with texture in this look, your wearing all black but the fabrics make it feel light because of the materials you wore. I totally agree with your little advice at the end, I made my mom make something shorter for me and then it was too short and I ended up not wearing it because I wasn't comfortable with the shortness of it.


    1. Thanks Nina! I hate having to bring things back, but I would rather be safe than sorry!!

      For me, it might be less about comfort factor and where I'm wearing the clothes. This skirt is something I want to be able to wear to work. So, I have to keep it a fairly modest length.


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