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Hope your week is off to a great start!
Dress:  Ann Taylor Petites (Available here)
I apologize for being a bit M.I.A.  I've been working a lot, catching up on some family time, and I'm working on some new posts!  I hope to have a lot more fall fashion up on the blog soon.

Today, I'm featuring a neutral color block dress with faux leather insets.

Boots:  Target (Available here)
Bangle:  Ann Taylor (Available here)
Rings:  Torrid
Necklace:  Ann Taylor (Available here)
Even though this dress is a petite, I still initially encountered some issues with fit.  The straps were cut too long, and the overall dress was also too long. 

Because the shoulder straps were too long, you could clearly see my bra under my arms and the waist band was sitting down too low.

I first had the straps shortened, but I initially opted against shortening the dress until I was able to see how much length was lost by shortening the shoulders.

Once the shoulders were shortened, I had the dress shortened as well.  

In the end, these two easy fixes gave me a much more flattering fit.

Since most everything requires alterations, I try to minimize cost.  Usually, I choose sleeveless dresses like this one as they are easier (hence, cheaper) to alter in the shoulder area than dresses with sleeves.

Blazer:  The Limited (Similar here)
Since the weather is cooler now, I added a classic black blazer for warmth. 

Ankle booties and a faux croc satchel maintain the fall feel.

Satchel:  Express
Do any of you have a problem with petite clothing still being proportioned too long?  What are your wardrobe fixes?

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  1. That is such a great dress! I'd probably overlook it at the store, but now I want it!! You're very good about knowing to alter clothes...impressive. Have you thought about shortening up the necklace a tidge so it sits in the white? I use clear ortho elastics!

    1. Thanks Jodie! Shortening the necklace would be a great idea. I loved how it looked with the dress before I had it altered, but once I pulled the shoulders up, it was a little too long to get the effect that I had previously liked. I will have to look into the elastics!! Thanks for the tip!! :-D

  2. I totally feel you on being absent from the blog, everything is just getting harder for me to post. But I still enjoy doing it so I push myself. But yeah the dress is really cute, I love the style of it. And the alteration really make a big difference, I have been trying to find someone who can alter my clothes but they are so expensive so I usually ask my mom if it's something she can alter. But I totally feel the pain when things are too long or fit weird because of my height.


    1. It's been hardly lately to find the desire, drive, time, etc. to post as much as I'd like. And then, being a perfectionist, I get frustrated when my photos are not what I wanted, etc. I'm thinking that I may start doing fewer outfit posts and filling it with more shopping posts, recap posts, etc.

      It's so amazing that your mom is available to help you with alterations. They can be soo expensive if you have to pay for them!!!


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