Dress Up Tee Time

As I wrote last week, I'm starting to get a get a very strong sense of my personal style and the direction I want to take my wardrobe in the next year or two. 

But, I'm still playing around with my look, trying out new hairstyles and hair colors to see what best feels like me.  My wardrobe will always be a bit constrained by work dress codes, mom duty, and other life roles that don't always mesh with my fashion ideals.
Skirt:  The Limited (Sold out here; Similar here)
That said, I think I can have a little more fun with my hair and make-up to help create more of the image I want to project.

I have been loving the auburn color I recently chose, but I decided to try a darker burgundy color that I thought would be great for fall.
Blazer:  LOFT Petites
The color is darker than my natural hair color, and I'm really liking it.  I've been going with demi-permanent colors to be gentler to my hair and for less commitment to the new colors. 

This rich burgundy is just begging to be worn with a ton of black and darker colors.  Today, I gave it my first spin with black and dark purple. 

Tee:  Torrid (Sold out on-line; See here)
Due to the fact that I was sick most of last week, I did not make many of the events of St. Louis Fashion Week that I had planned to attend.  Definitely a bit of a bummer because besides the fun of seeing designer fashions and being introduced to local brands and companies, it's one of the few times a year when I have the opportunity to really be myself with fashion or to try out new looks.

I was playing around with different outfit possibilities for the week, and this was one of the ones with which I came up.

I love the mix of casual (tee), evening (leather skirt), and business (blazer) in this look.

Boots:  Torrid (Available here)

Earrings:  Target (Available here and here)
Lately, I've been obsessed with my Dior-inspired earrings...do you know which one's I'm talking about?  The ones with the small stud with larger ball back.  I just think they are such a genius take on the classic pearl stud - ladylike, but also tribal and edgy.

I completed the look with an amber lucite clutch for an unexpected touch.

Clutch:  Eva Mendes for New York & Company (Available here)
All in all, I love the outfit for a more low-key evening event.  I tend to be a serious dresser - my clothes tend to be serious, especially my night-time looks, so I like that this outfit has a relaxed touch with the tee. 

I don't care for a lot of the statement tees out there, but this declaration is pretty bad ass!  ;-D

Would you wear this look for an evening out?

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