Taxi Cab Confessions

When I first put this outfit together, I was attracted to the graphic combination of the printed tights and the bright yellow dress.
Jacket:  Eva Mendes for New York & Company (Available here)
I'm still digging this outfit, but after seeing it in pictures, I realized that I look a bit like a taxi cab!!!  LOL
Dress:  Eva Mendes for New York & Company (Available in turquoise or black here)
Since I'm wearing a taxi cab look, I guess it's only fitting that I give some confessions. 

Loves:  Blazers (duh!), kettle cooked chips, cats, everything Joss Whedon

Dislikes:  Sneakers, spinach, big dogs, Two and a Half Men

Phobia:  MICE!! (ewwwugghhh!)

I have three college degrees, but I actually obtained an Associates degree AFTER my Masters.

I've been engaged three times, but so far...never married! (LONG STORY!! LOL)

Tights:  The Limited (Similar here)
I'm still having fun with printed tights while the weather is somewhat cooperating.  I like the juxtaposition in this look of the lightweight dress paired with black and the heavyweight wool jacket. 

It makes the dress wearable for fall, while giving a balance to the look.
Boots:  Fergalicious by Fergie
Both the jacket and dress I'm wearing are from various collections from the Eva Mendes line for New York & Company.  I have been generally impressed with this line since it first came out, but I will say that sizing is a bit all over the place, often running on the bigger side.  If you're not typically a straight size shopper, but wear up to a size 20-22, I would recommend you checking out some of the pieces if you're a fan. 

Don't be afraid to try something on, or go into a store that typically doesn't carry your size because you might just be surprised by what you find!!
Tote:  New York & Company
Would you wear black and yellow?  Do you have any taxi cab confessions??

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