Color and Confidence: YELLOW

While I don't wear a ton of yellow, I find myself very attracted to the color.  This sunny hue instantly puts me in a happy mood!
Dress:  Eva Mendes for New York & Company (Available here)
With today's look, I really let the yellow stand out by pairing this saffron yellow dress with cognac booties and adding a fun ikat print tote with touches of yellow.

Because it is always FRIGID in my office at work, I added in the sueded moto jacket for extra warmth. 
Jacket:  The Limited
Necklace:  J.C. Penney (old)
While wearing yellow makes me feel great, today's focus on confidence isn't about feeling good about our outsides.  It's about feeling good about our insides.  Confidence comes from feeling accomplished, feeling good about what we do and who we are as people.

I often feel like I spend too much time on my blog.  I don't make much money from doing this (nothing really), and it consumes a lot of my free time. Between a full-time job, five kids, and the man, I question whether I should spend so much time on what right now is essentially a hobby.

Tote:  The Limited (old)
I blog because I'm passionate about sharing fashion and promoting body love...because doing it makes me feel like me, because it nurtures my mind and creative spirit to do so. 

Eventually, I would love to turn my blog and my passion for fashion into something much larger (I have serious goals), but for the time being, blogging helps fuel my fire.

Bracelets:  The Limited
Shoes:  Target (old)
Putting yourself first sometimes isn't selfish.  It's necessary for LIFE! 

As women, we are so often taught to put everyone else's needs before our own, but our needs matter and they matter a LOT.  Nurture YOU.  Feed your mind, nourish your soul; find what moves you, what brings you excitement.  It's amazing how good you will feel doing what you LOVE!  <3 <3

That sense of fulfillment and self-confidence that comes with doing something you love will permeate everything you do.

What skills, activities, or roles make you feel confident?

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Yellow is one of those colors that many people think is difficult to wear. The trick is to work with your skin tone.  Warmer (yellow) skin tones can work mustard and citrine.  Cooler (blue) skin tones should opt for lemon or banana.

Do you like wearing yellow?

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