The Slip Dress

Hope you all have been having a great week!  We've been having gorgeous weather the last few days, and it has put me in a great mood!
Dress:  Ann Taylor Petites (Available here)
In fact, the cooler weather is making me think more and more about fall style!  Fall fashion is truly the best!  St. Louis Fashion Week is just around the corner, and I'm always excited to explore fall trends. 

For today's look, I was playing around with styling this silky slip dress I recently picked up from Ann Taylor.  I'm imagining so many ways to style this simple LBD for fall!

Jacket:  The Limited (old)
Boots:  Target (Available here)
I haven't worn this dress out yet, and I'm reconsidering size.  Here, I'm wearing the Petite X-Large, and it's a little too big and too long.  The Petite Large was a tad small for the style of the dress. I recently tried a large in the "average" sizing and got a much better fit in the body, so I plan on returning this one.  Typically, average sizes run a little bigger than petite sizes, and the average size provides the in-between fit that I need.  The dress has adjustable straps, and shortening the hem should be an easy fix.
Pendant:  Ixora Boutique (Similar here)
Bracelet:  LOFT (Available here)
Even though the fit on the dress isn't quite right just yet, I'm still loving it.  I've long been a fan of slip dresses  In college in the mid-90s, I wore a lot of them.  This one has such a slinky 90s minimalist feel that I really love. 

Here, the yellow jacket and wooden clutch add texture and interest to the outfit.  To give the dress a little edge, I added mixed metallic accessories and finished the look off with open-toe booties.

Clutch:  Cameo de Bore (Available here)
Rings:  Torrid (Available here and here)
While following trends is not very important to me (I prefer to be a trendsetter, thank you very much ;-)), I do enjoy studying trends and usually find myself incorporating a few of them into my wardrobe each season.  Bright colors is one of the coming fall season's major color trends, so this yellow faux leather jacket will be right on point! 
Do you like a minimalist look or do you prefer more embellishment?  Would you wear a slip dress? 

What's your favorite season for fashion?

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  1. Oh, that's a great little black dress and I can totally picture you wearing it with all your different pops of color jackets. But I'm really liking it with the yellow. My favorite season is definitely fall and I'm dreaming of fall myself, I'm over the hot California heat right now it's leaving me so uninspired because it's so hot. But I'm loving this outfit and I can see you transition this into fall very easily.


  2. Glad you're in a good mood with this outfit. Wearing bold yellow is usually good mood material to begin with. This is a nice dress with some cool peep-toe booties. Looking great here!


  3. Thanks Nina! I'm really thinking it's going to look great with a lot! I know what you mean about summer! I love layers, and it's so hot that it's hard to do that! The size I bought to replace this is longer - not quite a maxi, but on the longer side, and I can't decide if I want to hem it. it's supposed to be a below-the-knee length. Decisions.... lol

  4. Thanks John! You're right...yellow always puts me in a good mood! :-)

  5. Love your black dress,so beautiful.

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