Brocade and Lollipop Red

On a recent shopping trip, I separately fell in love with this jacquard weave skirt and cheerful red blouse. 

Blouse:  Target Petites (Available here)
Skirt:  Target (Available here)
These aren't two pieces I would normally put together, but I love the color palette.  Teal and coral make me think of the beach, and has long been one of my favorite summer color combinations. I love the idea of winterizing this color combo by adding charcoal and black.  It adds a great punch to a blah winter day.
Turquoise ring:  Target (Similar here)
Tights:  The Limited
The A-line shape is universally flattering  and the tucked-in shirt helps accentuate an hourglass shape.
Blazer:  The Limited Black Collection (Similar here)
Cuff:  The Limited
Shopping tip for petites:  Many retailers carry limited to no selection of petites in stores but have more options on-line.  This blouse is one such example.  My local Target carried this blouse in misses sizes.  I loved it, but the proportions weren't right.  Thankfully, I was able to find it on-line in petites!
Boots: Payless (old)
Purse:  The Limited (old)
Turquoise earrings:  Gift (old)
Do you like to add punchy colors to pep up your winter looks?

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