In The Mood For Polka Dots

Today's look was definitely inspired by my mood.  I've been feeling a little uncharacteristically melancholy the last few days.  That feeling has made me gravitate towards black and darker colors.
Dress:  The Limited (Similar here)
Blazer:  Forever 21+ (Available here)
Usually, I am inclined to pair this dress with bright pops of color and play up the fun, feminine vibe of the dress.  Today, I wanted to give the dress a little more of an edgy, artsy feel.

I added one of my favorite necklaces, a bold cuff, and lace-up shoes.

Ring:  LOFT
Necklace:  The Limited (Similar here)
I paired the dress with my cropped tuxedo blazerI'm a naughty fashion blogger for wearing this jacket three times in two weeks, but I'm really loving it.  It's hard for me to find a cropped blazer that is actually short enough for my petite frame.  This one is perfect!  I'll be on the hunt for more 21" long blazers.
Cuff:  New York & Company
Shoes:  Target (old)
These shoes are full-on Monet (I watched "Clueless" last night :-)).  They look okay in the pictures, but they are so old and worn out.  I love these shoes, and I haven't found a shoe that I like enough to replace them yet.  These shoes are interesting and super comfortable - a combination that's very hard to find. 

I develop very little attachments to clothing, but I find it very hard to get rid of shoes.  It's hard for me to find comfortable heels that fit my tiny, wide feet.  These shoes are actually a little big, but they're so comfortable, I've gone through two pairs. 

While I often shell out considerable money for clothing pieces I love, I have typically gravitated towards inexpensive shoes.  If I can't find shoes that actually fit my feet, I figured why spend a lot of money on them?

Recently, I've been checking out some custom shoe web sites, like Shoes of Prey.  I'd like to have better fitting, more high-quality shoes, even if that means having a much more edited shoe wardrobe.   

Purse:  Express
Have any of you ever purchased custom-made shoes?  Were you pleased with the results?

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