Cassential Links 8/24/13

I'm still really bummed that I lost all of the great links that I had planned to post last week.  Of course, I couldn't remember or find most of them again.. Here's this week's crop...

Women are often photoshopped to appear thinner and more "flawless."  Due to our increasing emphasis on thinness, sometimes women are photoshopped to look fuller, to cover up the scary health and physical effects of extreme thinness.

But who created the idea of such aspirational thinness?  This article discusses the evolution of the "ideal" female through fashion illustrations.

Not much I love more than a leather and lace combo.  Allison gets it so right, as usual!

Tutu? Leather? Fab hair? Yes, please!

An interesting feminist and sex-positive take on Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"

Rules, rules, rules..seems like we're hit with a lot of rules about how we should look in this age of internet and self-policing.  

The problem with skinny shaming.  All women are real women, curves or not.

Speaking of...I don't care for the language in this article which I find derogatory to thin women, but the subject deserves a mention

An attempt to de-sexualize vaginas and encourage more open dialogue is censored

Love this mix of black and blush pink, and that top is so cool and interesting!

Oh to look so fierce in a bathing suit...Nadia is killing it!

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