Cassential Links 8/3/13

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Today, I bring you the first ever "Cassential Links" - a compilation of links to fashion, lifestyle, society, and body image articles, etc. that grabbed my attention this week!

White for all seasons!

I was led to this blog by one of my readers.  We all deserve to feel the breeze...

The reality of fashion blogging for many of us

Because it really does get better...

I watched this interview on The Colbert Report and was so inspired.  Remarkable! 

Black and white with pops of metallic and shocking pink

Yes, Virginia, there is a Joss Whedon

 A sweet ode to her son and fierce style

Thoughts on the changing plus-size fashion culture from the inside

What an anti-teen pregnancy campaign tells us about gender construction and transgender bias

Photoshop is everywhere...

Super chic travel style

Lies about weight affect perceptions of normal bodies

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