Cassential Links 8/11/13

I have been busy this week getting the kids ready to go back to school.  Between registering five kids and shopping for supplies, uniforms, and new kicks, I haven't been hitting as many blogs and news threads as I usually do.  I can't believe my baby is starting kindergarten in a few days!!

Even though I haven't had as much time to peruse the news and fashion, here's what managed to catch my attention this week:

What does diversity really look like in the fashion industry?  The treatment of Gabourey Sidibe's recent photo-shoot in "Harper's Bazaar"  gives us some disappointing insight.

I love my tutu skirt - It just really feels like "me."  At the same time, it has led to questions of "Am I too old to wear this?"  Meagan reminds us that in a patriarchal society, remaining body-positive takes an ongoing effort.

Developing a signature style - if you're into rocker fashion, this one's for you!

The infantilization of women in this culture is the often-ignored flip side of the oversexualization of girls

Can't wait for this!  REBEL. WILSON.  AWESOME.

Nakedness as the last frontier to body acceptance?

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