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Hope you all have been having a great week!

Today's outfit is actually a work look from this summer, but I haven't gotten around to posting it until now.  A soft neutral outfit like this is perfect year-round, and I especially love camel in the fall.

Blazer:  The Limited
Blouse:  LOFT Petites (Similar here)
One of the reasons I haven't posted this look until now is that it really isn't my style.  I like the color combination and the tie-waist blazer is flattering to curves, but the overall look just isn't "me."    The outfit feels very grown-up and professional (like how I think I'm really supposed to dress for work), but I spent the whole day feeling out-of-sorts - kind of like I was in someone else's skin. 

For me, it was a sartorial off-day, but I post it here as outfit inspiration for those of you who prefer a more classic style. 

Pants:  The Limited (Similar here)
I've recently done a major closet overhaul, moving a lot of clothing to the sale or charity pile.  This blouse did not make the cut.  The jacket is on the chopping block due to a few fit issues (I had the jacket altered a few years ago, and I'm debating the benefit of more tweaks vs. a new ivory blazer).

I'm learning to hone in on my style more.  I used to think that I needed to have a lot of variety of colors and cuts in my wardrobe.  I also got in a habit of purchasing styles or colors that I used to like out of habit, not paying attention to the fact that my fashion tastes and desires had changed over time. 

Bracelet:  The Limited (Available in black here)
I would feel compelled to wear pieces I didn't love simply because I thought I "needed" a lace shirt or brown pants to make my wardrobe complete.  Often times, clothes would sit in my closet after a few wears until I forced myself to wear them (such is the case with today's outfit). 

As I've gotten older, some styles and colors that I used to love now seem aging or stale.  I love fashion, and I'm open to most new styles and trends that coming along, but I'm also learning that liking a particular style doesn't mean it's right for me . 

Over the last few months, I've thought a lot about what I like to wear and have been working to better define my personal style.  I've been working on creating a smaller, more edited closet that balances my aesthetic and lifestyle.  While this will likely mean less variety in my wardrobe, it also means fewer "off" days.  I'll always be up for experimenting with new trends, but I'm learning to take into better account what trends work best with what's already in my closet and with my personal style.  When I find a trend I like, I'm learning to be more patient and wait to find the right style rather than snapping up the first item I find.

For example,  I really loved last spring's dramatic ruffle trend.  Unfortunately, I chose a blouse with less drama and more ruffles - I settled, and I quickly regretted it.  I recently found this blouse from New York & Company which is what I was looking for all along. 

Earrings:  World Market (old)
Shoes:  Target

As my wardrobe becomes less diverse in some ways, I'm looking for more interesting details, like colorblocking, mixed media, zippers, etc. that help make each piece feel unique.
Bag:  ??? (old)
Do you like to wear a lot of colors and styles, or do you tend to opt for the familiar when you shop?  Do you prefer having a small wardrobe of clothes you love or a large wardrobe of diverse pieces?

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