Cassential Links, 12/12/13

Kudos to Jennifer Lawrence for her straight talk about body image

This young woman beautifully articulates how women are subtly taught to hate their bodies.

I absolutely love evening/holiday fashion.  Unfortunately, I don't have enough fabulous places to wear sequins or get otherwise glitzy.  These two lovely ladies show how to do holiday chic in fab style.

Sexual abuse victims are often silenced in our culture.  These women holding signs quoting their attackers give them a "voice."

I'm not a fan of the memes that pit skinny women against curvy/fat women.  All women are beautiful, and it's important that we support each other as women.  Unfortunately, just as stereotypes and meanness about fat women abound, so do those about skinny women.

Keeping with the theme of holiday dressing, Wendy looks gorgeous in leather and tulle.  Perfect for being the Cinderella of your own ball!

Learning to love our bodies means learning to listen to the clues we give ourselves about our bodies and paying attention to our self-talk.

Gap responds to racism towards Sikh model.

More holiday fashion fabulousness from Nicolette Mason.


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