F*ckin' Perfect

Raise your glass!  Today, I bring you a little Friday the 13th love with some great music!  :-)

My fiance and I are huge fans of Pink, so when we found out last spring that she added St. Louis to her concert tour, we were ecstatic.  We immediately bought the best tickets we could get (VIP pit) and then eagerly waited for almost eight months for the show.

Blouse: New York & Company (Available here)
Jacket:  Target (Available here)
Last month, Pink finally came to St. Louis, and she did not disappoint.  The show was amazing with a line-up of her current songs and old favorites.  Pink's acrobatic routines never cease to amaze me - especially because she sings while performing them.
Another thing I love about Pink is how she encourages her audience to love their bodies and to embrace being themselves. During the show, she encouraged bad dancers in the audience to do their finest bad dancing, and she sang self-esteem anthem, "Fucking Perfect" - one of my favorite Pink songs.
Are you fans of Pink?

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